Torres Black Truffle Potato Chips


These Torres Black Truffle potato chips caught my eye and put a dent in my wallet from my local AJ’s Supermarket. This is only a 4 oz. bag of potato chips but it does cost around a forking $7.99 a bag so that’s about $2. a forking ¬†ounce. I wasn’t going to purchase them until I read that they are made of only five ingredients and the forth ingredient is actually real black truffle.


I did notice the fifth ingredient was forking truffle aroma. That means a chemical like forking perfume is added to the chips.

When I opened the bag I sort of hoped to get a big wiff of forking truffle and didn’t get that so I thought cool these are going to be alright. I took out a few chips.


The chips had a nice light texture with natural potato sliced shapes without traces of oil to the touch.


When I examined the chips closer I noticed that some had little black truffle specs.

I finally tried the chips and ate them real slow.

At first they taste very good and natural. I was giddy.

But it took me about three chips to realize the real truffle taste was missing.

I didn’t get that ……It’s so good I need to suck to inside of my mouth looking for another morsel kind of taste good that I always get with real truffles……

So I ate them for about a week just three chips at a time because they were best that way.

 The Forking Truth!

The Forking Truth!




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