Forking New, Weird, Different and Special Edition Cereals Out There April 2016


There are always new, weird, different and special edition cereals on the shelf at the stores. I never know WTFork I’ll see. Here is finding Dory Cereal. I never forking heard of Dory but the box is cute. I would try this if I was a kid.


Here is Marvel the Avengers Cereal. I think this is the same forking cereal as the Finding Dory Cereal just in a different box. The cereal looks very similar.


This one is either Ice Cream Pebbles or is it Pebbles Rainbow Sherbet? Where is the Forking Pebbles character any who?


A variety of Mini Wheats stuffed with fruit and topped with frosting. This one sounds tasty to me but I doubt I’ll try it.


Odd picture for a box of cereal. It looks like either the Penguins are praying for you or the Penguins are forking daring you to eat this cereal.


The Panda is kind of cute but that forking cereal looks like a forking bowl of panda turds.


Doesn’t that Shrek Cereal look like forking Fruit Loops?


A marshmallow graham cereal called Smorz. It’s all fun and games till the kids get out the matches to make the marshmallow sandwiches unsupervised.


Is it me or does that Leprechaun forking look like he’s on speed and farting a rainbow.


I don’t know WTFork this is about. Go diego Go cereal forking sounds like Diego is forking constipated or something.

There is always something new, weird, limited edition or different. I never know WTFORK I’ll see next. Let’s see what I see next time.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

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