2016 Easter Edition Treats


(Apologies if any of the photos are sideways or upside down. Some people see the photo correctly and some do not. Working on problem.)

I always see something different and I never know WTFork I’ll see. I saw a bunch of interesting new stuff this year for the Easter Holiday.

At my local HomeGoods Store I saw these beautiful very large Easter eggs. You can’t tell by looking at the photo but these eggs were around two feet tall. I saw two of them.


HomeGoods was charging $40.00 for these hand decorated eggs.


The M&M is wearing bunny ears so this forking bag of strawberry shortcake M&M’s are meant for Easter.


Carrot cake Hershey’s kisses. That is something new and different!


Easter Sundae M&M’s….Haha….I get it…Easter Sunday…..


Mystery Flavor Peeps????? Don’t know about that one….


Reester Bunnies (LOL)


BIG Reeses’s Eggs ….(if you eat one of them your butt will forking inflate)


Lindt Chocolate Chicks or Ducks?


A BIG Twix Egg…..(that one looks like a forking turd….if someone gave that to me I wouldn’t eat it.)


And of course it couldn’t be Easter without a Bunny that forking POOPS Jelly Beans.

Happy Forking Easter Everyone !

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth


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