New Weird and Different and Special Edition Foods out There August 2016



There is always something “new” “WIERD” or “different” out there. I never know what I’ll come across when I go to a store. I never seen Elysian Space Dust IPA before. To me it doesn’t look appetizing. It looks like ¬†Little Sprout

Green Giant Canned and Frozen Vegetables....went out of business some time ago because they were purchased by another company.

Green Giant Canned and Frozen Vegetables….went out of business some time ago because they were purchased by another company.

from the Green Giant canned and Frozen Vegetables forking throwing up. Who the fork wants to drink sparkly threw up from a little weird looking anthropomorphic green sprout.


Here are forking Sriracha Peanuts. Everything is Forking Sriracha flavored now.


Here are assorted fruit flavored marshmallows…….Eat too many of them and YOU can fart a rainbow!


Banana Bagels…oy vey …these bagels would taste forking terrible with smoked fish or eggs.


Cheetos Crunchy Wild Habanero junk food. The bag makes them look like all fun and games……till you rub your eyes with the orange Wild Habanero Dust residue.


Rosemary Truffle Popcorn sounds forking tasty.


Nori Sesame Popcorn also sounds forking tasty to me.


Sriracha salsa also just doesn’t seem right to me because Sriracha and Salsa don’t taste the same. This one is weird to me. It’s like mixing Thai Food with Mexican Food….OH……dah…….. it is actually mixing Thai Food with Mexican Food…


Sriracha Taco Sauce is also weird to me for the same reasons I just mentioned. WTFork?


Here’s Sriracha Roasted Cashews….because you don’t really want to forking eat cashews. You really only forking want to suck down a bottles of Sriracha all day long. Every forking thing you can imagine is forking Sriracha flavored except for forking Oreos. …….so far…


And how can life go on without a new forking flavor of Oreo Cookies. Here is Artificially Flavored Blueberry Pie for your guilty pleasure. (p.s……Look at the cookie with that blue filling….it looks like a forking toothpaste filled cookie to me)


Blueberry Chocolate is new and possibly delicious????? But it says on the package with other natural flavors….WTFork….what other natural flavors??????? snot, pig ears….glands of beaver? I don’t want to know.

The next one is pretty forked up but in a different scary way…….


Who the FORK in America is going to buy bottled water from Mexico? We love Mexican Food but they always tell Americans not to drink the water from Mexico don’t they….So why the FORK are we going to buy Mexican water unless someone wants a date with the toilet. Just look at the illustration on the box. That woman might be puking from her own water.

That was the NEW, WEIRD, DIFFERENT and Special Editions for August.

I don’t know WTFork I’ll see next but you can bet the Pumpkin Spice will be rolling out!

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

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