Some Scoop on some of the Ice-Cream Parlors in Metro Phoenix Arizona

Fatty Daddy's Scottsdale AZ

Fatty Daddy’s Scottsdale AZ

There is a new wave of Artisan Small Batch and other Ice Cream Parlors churning out ice-cream  mostly around central Phoenix and Scottsdale. Fatty Daddy makes the Fatty Daddy Cookie Cup. They prepare an assortment of small batch hand crafted ice-creams and sherbets. The small Cookie Cup is a scoop of ice-cream topped with a Macaron and a flame torched house made marshmallow. I tried the cantaloupe sorbet with a coconut macaron. The Cantaloupe Sorbet was natural tasting and tasted exactly like a ripe sweet cantaloupe and the coconut macaron added a chewy texture and a yummy coconut flavor to the sorbet. I didn’t sample my husband’s Cinnamon Crunch Cereal Ice-Cream.

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The Creamistry has opened several locations in Metro Phoenix. This is ice-cream that’s made fresh to order with Liquid Nitrogen. You pick your size, formula, premium, organic, coconut or sorbet base. Then your pick your flavor and optional add ons. They measure out all the ingredients that go into your personal ice-cream made just for you.


I picked a premium base with peanut butter and peanut butter cups. This was dense in a good way and sinfully rich. The chocolate seemed to have a slightly different texture. I thought it was sort of taffy like. The ice cream had a little pull to it. Chocolate tasted like Milk Chocolate that you drink when your a kid.

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Mighty Moo Ice-Cream is a small batch hand crafted Ice-Cream Parlor that offers around 30 flavors of Ice-cream located in the very small town of Youngtown AZ that is sort of in-between Sun City and Surprise AZ. I’ve been here a few times and the ice-cream is always delicious. I recently had Peanut Butter Cup here and my husband usually orders chocolate.

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Churn is located in Central Phoenix AZ. They are a candy store and offer all natural Ice-creams of many different flavors that rotate. I had the Toasted Coconut. The Ice-cream had a nice creamy texture and was served at the perfect eating temperature. The ice-cream had a good amount of toasted coconut in it.

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In Scottsdale is Sweet Republic Ice Cream.


I’ve tried several of Sweet Republic’s creations at several Metro Phoenix Restaurants, Whole Foods Grocery Store and another location at the airport. Today I tried the Banana Foster Ice-Cream.


The ice-cream tasted very natural. Just like you made it with sweetened cream whipped with ripe natural bananas. My husband had the chocolate. I tasted it and it had the perfect amount of chocolate in it. It will please any chocolate lover.

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Kwality Ice-Cream has many locations but recently opened in North Phoenix AZ. They serve up mostly Indian Flavors of quality Ice-cream.


They offer many interesting flavors of Ice-Cream. I wasn’t sure what to try here and tasted an unusual flavor that wasn’t on the board. My gosh….the sample was too intense for me but WOW it was interesting. Too many flavors for my brain to process at once and ending with strong fennel flavor. I will try that flavor again sometime when I’m ready for it. This time I went with a straight flavor of Lychee.


It was creamy and tasted like Lychee. It also had chunks of real lychee fruit in it. It was very good. Even my husband’s Butterscotch Ice-cream was very good. WOW what a great new find not so far from me that opened recently!

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While it’s not exactly Ice-Cream ……It’s close….In Metro Phoenix we have several Artisan Gelato Shops and one of the best is That’s Amore Gelato in North Scottsdale AZ. Gelato is similar to Ice-Cream but it has less air and it so smooth and seems less fatty than ice cream. All the Gelato I tried from here is  awesome. I always order a small cup and I get the two flavor request. I do note I’m usually displeased with most chocolate desserts and only eat them if they are outstanding. I’ve never been displeased with any of the chocolate flavors from here. The spicy deep chocolate is among my many  favorites from here.


It’s always hard to decide on what to order because they offer so many interesting flavors that nobody else offers like bacio, bianco & nero, cornetto Italiano, malaga, tartufo, ace and limoncello.

Today I got a small size of Fig Marscapone and White Chocolate Nutella.


The flavors are amazing. How could fig and marscapone not be amazing? The White chocolate nutella taste like melted quality white chocolate and just the right amount of nutella to make it interesting. I never need to taste a flavor to decide. I just pick what sounds interesting and know it will be delicious.

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Another not exactly ice-cream but frozen Chinese/Taiwanese kind of dessert that is Snoh Ice Shavery. It’s light and fluffy like real snow! It’s described as like shaved ice mixed with ice-cream but the flavors I tried were more like ice.


The way it works is that you pick a flavor, then a topping or two and a sauce…I picked coconut with pineapple and coconut topping and butterscotch for my sauce.

It was light,  airy the coconut flavor was very delicate. It seemed very large but it was fluffy like snow and doesn’t fill you up.

My husband had….chocolate with just chocolate sauce.


The chocolate is more delicate and delicate with flavor than it looks. It’s different!

Shame I wasn’t able to photo the inside…It was very busy when I was there so  I couldn’t photo the walls with the interesting pop-culture decorations. It was like visiting a museum and eating something different I never experienced before.

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And that was some Scoop on some of the Ice-Cream Parlors  in Metro Phoenix

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