WTFork is a Clafoutis?

Clafoutis Type of Dessert From Bottega in Yountville CA

Clafoutis Type of Dessert From Bottega in Yountville CA

I never Tasted a forking Clafoutis kind of dessert until I ate at Michael Chiarello’s Restaurant Bottega in Yountville CA. I do have to say it was the most delicious dessert I’ve tasted this year so far. The cake part wasn’t sweet but almost a pancake or crepe kind of taste with an almost custard like texture. The strawberries in this dessert were concentrated with Sweet Strawberry Flavor and the almost tart tangy cream with that balsamic drizzle and the hit of Black Pepper was pretty darn-right forking amazing. I had some very good and great food in California but that Clafoutis from Bottega is what I think about most.

According to Wikipedia a Clafoutis is a baked French Dessert with Fruit traditionally baked with black Cherries with Pits! The pits release a small amount of Amygdalin and that compliments the flavor.

The acceptable fruits to use in a Clafoutis are, Red Cherries, Plums, Prunes, Apples, Cranberries and Blackberries.

If you use a forking different fruit your dessert is a forking Flaugnarde.

So I decided I wanted to make my first Clafoutis. I looked at many different recipes and they do forking differ a bit. So I actually found an Apple Clafoutis Recipe by Michael Chiarello on so I tried that one cutting the recipe in half and not running out to buy anything special like a vanilla beans or Calvados Fruit Brandy. I just used what I forking had around the house.

When I studied the ingredients I was forking surprised that this Clafoutis Recipe is actually pretty low in fat and sugar and has very little flour. I cut the recipe in half because I only wanted 4 servings. I only used 2 eggs, 1/4 C. Flour, 1/2 cup milk Slightly over a tablespoon of butter and I think it was only 3 tablespoons of sugar plus two tiny apples.

I mixed up Flour, Sugar, Cinnamon, Salt, Eggs and Milk


Then I Cooked peeled Apples with butter till butter browned.


I then added vanilla, salt, sugar, and poured into buttered glass bowl and topped the apples with batter.


The Mixture got baked for about 22 minutes at 400 degrees.

I topped it with a little powdered sugar, cinnamon and Black Pepper.

Instead of Creme Fraiche I mixed some similar tasting Whipped Cream Cheese with Nonfat Greek Yogurt and added some Balsamic Vinegar to it instead of drizzling the dessert with Balsamic Glaze.


The Apple Clafoutis had the same taste but I thought the strawberries gave it a little more pop and zing.  My Companion however felt different and preferred the dessert made with apple.

In a few weeks maybe I’ll try Gordon Ramsey’s Recipe for Clafoutis his differs and has fresh ground almonds and heavy cream in the recipe.

Now I know what forking Clafoutis is.

Forking Truth

Forking Truth

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