Taj Mahal Restaurant and Lounge Scottsdale AZ is Worth a Fork


An intoxicating aroma of exotic spices  fills the air inside the restaurant and suddenly I get excited to try Indian Cuisine. The dining room is modern and clean. Indian Television and Lively Music are on at the same time…… At the time of this review (October 2016) Taj Mahal Restaurant and Lounge is a newly opened Indian Restaurant and Lounge located in Old Town Scottsdale. Here you park in the street in pull in spaces or in one of the free garages.


The owner is very friendly and welcoming and takes our order.

In reasonable time our plates arrive that we share. The decorative plates look small to us but really held just enough food.


We received Fish Vindaloo (maui maui), Chicken Biryani and Garlic Naan. I’ve had Chicken Biryani at a number of places and although there are endless variations of this dish….. this dish of Chicken Biryani seemed the most complex and interesting that I tried so far. To start out the chicken was above average. It was tasty juicy, flavorful,  boneless chicken thigh meat. This style of Biryani had the just right amounts of sweet golden raisins, toasted almonds and fresh herbs to balance all the spices and heat. It was the best Biryani I remember tasting so far.

The Fish Vindaloo came with potatoes in a spicy, tangy, tomato based sauce. The fish seemed fresh tasting and was flaky and moist. I thought the extra sauce was a yummy treat with the garlic naan.

Service was efficient.

Portions are right on.

Pricing is on the high side…..Biryani $15.99 & Vindaloo $17.99 …..The proteins are either higher quality or were prepared with more expertise than from other similar places I tried.

It’s premature to rate because they are so new but I couldn’t find a thing wrong with anything so it seems that Taj Mahal in Scottsdale AZ is Worth a Fork!

Worth a Fork!

Worth a Fork!

I didn’t include this is my review……..

The owner told me that people travel hours to come here for his Specialty Dish the Chicken Masala. He is confidant that he serves the absolute best Chicken Masala that there is out there and he tried to get me to order it..( The truth is that I like Chicken Masala but it’s not my favorite Indian Dish so I didn’t try it this time)….He told me that I must try the Chicken Masala next time. Maybe next time I will try the Chicken Masala and see if I feel differently about that dish after I try it here….

For more information please visit www.TajMahalPrescott.com

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth


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