Lunching at Drexyl and Charr Restaurants – in Scottsdale AZ

Drexyl Modern American Restaurant - Scottsdale AZ

Drexyl Modern American Restaurant – Scottsdale AZ

Drexyl ModernAmerican Kitchen and the recently opened Char Bar and Kitchen are two of many nice places you can dine at. Recently we enjoyed a revisit and had a nice leisurely lunch at Drexyl Modern American Restaurant in Scottsdale AZ. They offer an all day menu of mostly American Food with some international influences. The  atmosphere is a mix of Modern and Classic and old fashioned music plays in the background.

At the time of this review  Drexyl is open for lunch during the week. (call them to be sure..everything is subject to change).

We started with a special appetizer of Crispy Korean Chicken Sliders.


It was bigger than I was expecting and could have been a whole meal for one person.  My sandwich was so tasty. The crust on the chicken was shatteringly crisp and had Asian Seasoning in it and was topped with a small dap of slightly spiced chile mayonnaise, charred slaw and pickled radish sprouts. The slider was mighty satisfying and delicious. For my taste it could have been bold and spicy but still the slider was delicious!

For Lunch I had the House Smoked Salmon Cobb Style Salad.


Everything was fresh, The House Smoked Salmon was gently smoked, tomatoes were ripe and sweet, the caramelized onions were unexpected but somehow added another flavor and texture and it all worked together with some sort of mild kind of blue cheese.

My husband had the Prime Dip.


It was made with flavorful slow roasted ribeye and topped with caramelized onion, swiss and havarti cheese. They put a mild light spread on the bread that contained a little horseradish. My husband asked for a little plain horse radish to add in because he likes horseradish.  The side salad was a little special with candied pecans and the au has was laced with rosemary.

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Char Kitchen and Bar recently opened in Scottsdale AZ (near The Drexyl)

Char offers American Food with Mediterranean and European Influences in a sort of Modern Farm House like atmosphere.


We decided to start with Chicken Lollis.


The nicely manicured chicken was topped with pomegranate harrisa BBQ sauce, pickled onions and feta cheese. The harrisa was used very sparingly because it wasn’t noticeable but still these chicken lollis were scrumptious.

For Lunch I had the small size Santorini Salad with added Charred Chicken.


I thought for a small size salad it really was pretty big and packed with fresh vegetables and this perfectly Charred Delicious Moist Chicken. Besides the chicken what made this salad special was the uncommon Pink Goddess Dressing..(P.S. don’t tell but it’s made with Beets)

My husband had the Choban Lamb Burger.


He said it was really great with what he thought were Greek Seasonings and the Charred Tomato Chutney. The patty was cooked how he requested and the peppery arugula and tangy feta made the sandwich a party in the mouth. Fresh made fingerling potatoes were on the side that had very creamy interiors and were tasty with crispy fried herbs.

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Drexyl Modern American Kitchen and Char Kitchen and Bar…Just Two of the many Nice Restaurants in Scottsdale AZ!

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