WTFork Happened to Arthur Treacher’s Fish & Chips

Photo is from

Photo is from

As a child my favorite fast food chain was Arthur Treacher’s. I loved the Fish & Chips. We didn’t have an Arthur Treacher’s in our neighborhood but when we drove out to the city we’d stop at Arthur Treacher’s once in a while when it was my turn to pick a fast food place. The fish was always clean tasting, mild and meaty but it was that light, tasty and super magical, shattering, crisp crunch around the fish that made it special. It was so good and I always got to take home a yummy fried lemon pie for latter. Loved it! For me this was a treat!

My platter looked like this...Photo is from

My Arthur Treacher’s Fish & Chips platter looked like this..a few pieces of fish, chips and hushpuppies .Photo is from

Out here in Phoenix Arizona we have Long John Silvers……I never tried it until this week and thought it might be similar to how I remembered Arthur Treacher’s……

Long John Silvers

Long John Silvers

It not light or crisp but greasy and taste like old oil…. ๐Ÿ™ ….gross….even the fish isn’t good…it’s muddy tasting…and oily……..I can’t eat this….the funny thing is that my 15 1/2 year old dog also spit it out when I offered it to him and that really is TheForkingTruth ! ….It really is….!

This isn't fit for me to eat....Give it to the other dog.

“This forking fish isn’t fit for me to eat….Give it to the other dog.”

"Hey Old Man....You get more food when your not picky"

“Hey Old Man….You get more food when your not picky”

After a bite of Long John Silvers I kept thinking about WTFork happened to Arthur Treacher’s Fish & Chips….it was so good….. So I did some research.

Arthur Treacher’s is a fast food chain that was named after the the English Actor that was well known for playing Jeeves the Butler in several Shirley Temple Films. In the late 70s there were about 800 Arthur Treacher restaurants across America. Today according to the website they only list 7 locations. They’ve gone from around 800 locations down to a forking 7 locations….. ๐Ÿ™

WTFork happened?

The downfall seemed to have started ย when Arthur Treacher’s was sold to Mrs. Paul’s Seafood. They replaced the mild meaty Icelandic Codfish with cheap inferior pollack. The chain changed ownership several times and went threw bankruptcy several times as well.

That’s WTFork happened to Arthur Treacher’s.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth





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    Back in the day growing up, in Phoenix az there were treachers it is/was the only fish place I would go, as I don’t like fish,


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