Weird Different and Special Edition Foods out There February 2017



There is ALWAYS something New, Weird, Different or Special Edition out there in the world of food. I never know what I’ll come across when I go to a store and here is what I recently came across. This month is filled with not all but mostly sweets and many different assorted chips. Here are Hostess Brand Hot Cocoa & Marshmallow Mini Donuts. I don’t know how they are but I can tell you that they don’t feel hot and I don’t see any Forking marshmallows in or on them.


Chips Ahoy Brand Cookies in Cinnamon Donut and Hot Coca Flavors….WTFORK……The Cinnamon is a cinnamon cookie…not a doughnut…… and the hot cocoa one isn’t hot but at least it looks like it has marshmallows in it.

Hot Cocoa Cotton Candy….interesting!

New Pringles Loud Salsa Fiesta Corn Chips. Ummm why are they called loud? Does that mean spicy?

Conversation Reese’s cups…..?

Red Velvet KitKats…..?

New Cinnamon Frosted Flakes…That gotta be Great!

New Ruffles all Dressed Potato Chips. This is some sort of mystery Canadian Flavor. I don’t know what it is but I read the flavor is something like paprika spice blend, ketchup, vinegar and BBQ sauce.

Southwestern Queso(cheese) ¬†flavored Lay’s Potato Chips

Beer ‘n Brats flavored Lay’s Potato Chips…..? Would you buy these?

Wise Brand Food Truck Inspired Potato Chips in Loaded Chili Cheese Dog and Beef Barbacoa Tacos Flavors….Kinda neat…and they tell the story about the food trucks these chips are inspired from.

Here are Limited edition Cranberry Muffins. They’d be good with cream cheese or as a turkey sandwich.

Unusual flavors of oatmeal. Here are Apple Cheddar Rosemary oatmeal, Vanilla Chai oatmeal and Lemon Ricotta Pancake oatmeal. I don’t know how these flavors will work out.

Spiced Sweet Potato Chips that are spiced with Red Pepper and Cumin…Ummm

I never came across Adirondack Red Potatoes before. These I had to try. They are all Red Potatoes. They are very flavorful and have an earthy potato taste. These potato chips have great potato flavor.

BBQ Black Bean Corn Chips

Sea salt caramel raisins. Not for me…………

Almond Joy Pieces. Milk Chocolate, almond, coconut candy buttons. Sound good I’ll try them sometime in the future.

Milky Way candy bars have been around forever and I never saw Marshmallow Caramel Mini ones before.

And now for something healthy…….

Cone Shaped Cabbage! I’ve never seen or heard of Cone Shaped Cabbage before. This cabbage is new, different and somewhat weird to me.

I found another something new, (to me) different, and possibly weird to some…..Here it is……

Glazed Seaweed Almonds! Did you ever think you’d see that!

That was the New, Weird, Different and Limited Edition Foods I came across for February 2017.

Who know WTFork I’ll come across next month.

The Forking Truth


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