Dining With Dogs February 2017


“We are on our way to Pita Kitchen in Glendale AZ”

Dining with Dogs is just a “Fluff” story about taking my dogs out to eat. We usually go to many of the same local places over and over but we do find a new place now and then. Many of the restaurants in the Metro Phoenix Area do have patios but not all patios are dog friendly or officially licensed to accept dogs. You should always call an establishment to find out if your furry friend is allowed to dine there. I have found that one once dog friendly patio suddenly went non-dog friendly. It’s also always a good idea to have a back up restaurant to go to because the patio might be booked for a party or sometimes another customer will make a stink if they see a dog come in and you might have to leave. There are some rules for dining with dogs. Dogs are not to sit on furniture and dogs are not to eat off plates. Most food that you eat is not safe for your dog and some are toxic. A few of the foods to avoid are most nuts, anything that is or made from a grape, onions, garlic, avocado, chocolate, bread and more. The best snack for your dog is a small plain piece of meat with any sauce removed.

On this particular day went went to Pita Kitchen in Glendale AZ. This is a casual Greek/Mediterranean Grill.

#What am I going to get to Forking eat today?”

I got a Chicken Kabob Salad.

I received a very large and very generous Greek Style salad with TONS of nicely seasoned moist Chicken and warm pita bread.


My husband had a two meat shawarma plate.

“I FORKING need some more chicken”

For more information please visit www.ThePitaKitchen.net

“We’re on our way to Leo’s Island BBQ in Peoria AZ”

“I never leave hungry from Leo’s Island BBQ”

Leo’s Island BBQ is a family owned casual restaurant in Peoria AZ. They specialize

in the Hawaiian Plate Lunch. That means your meal will consist of generous portions of meat, rice, macaroni salad and some steamed vegetables. They offer around 30 combinations and most are priced at around $8.00.

Today I shared the Lemon Pepper Chicken Plate.

The Chicken is tasty and even with three of us eating it we still had leftovers.

“Hey…I could have eaten more!”

My husband had a combination plate of Fried Fish, Fried Shrimp with BBQ Chicken.

While it’s not fancy food it is good value plates and not much different in price than fast food and is much better than fast food.


“We’re on our way to Cucina Tagliani”

Cucini Tagliani serves American Italian Foods and offers an Official Licensed Dog Friendly Patio.

The food isn’t trend setting but it’s tasty, made in house, fresh and reasonably priced.

“You better get me something I Forking want because I’m not getting any younger”

I got the Strawberry and Goat Cheese Salad and had plenty of moist seasoned chicken to share with the dogs.

“You can Forking hit me again with some chicken.”

My husband got his usual Papa’s Platter that contains, Veal Parmesan, Sausage Lasagna and TWO Spinach Manicottis.

“That was a Forking Great Meal for me….I was hoping I’d get to eat at Tags Tonight”


We are so lucky that the older dog  15 3/4 yrs. has made it this far. In September 2015 he was diagnosed with aggressive cancer. At the time he was only expected to make it three  to six months more. He has been on oral low dose chemotherapy since but this sort of medicine can’t be taken at full dose strength for more than a year since it’s so hard on the organs. Currently the cancer has spread to the lungs. We don’t know how many days or weeks we have left. We have to be happy for what we had so far.

That was dining with Dogs for February 2017

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