Dining with Dogs in Metro Phoenix October and November 2016

"We are getting some goodies threw the Burger King Window"

“We are getting some goodies threw the Burger King Window”

Dining with dogs isn’t full blown reviews on restaurants and is only just a fluff story about taking my dogs out to eat. I usually go  to most of the same local favorites but every now and then we do find a new place that’s good for dogs. You must be aware that there are some rules for dining with dogs. First of all dogs must be well behaved. You also must note that not all restaurant patios are dog friendly and it’s always a good idea to call the restaurant first to make sure the restaurant can accept you and your furry friend on the patio and doesn’t have it rented out for a party. You usually do best on certified dog friendly restaurants. Restaurants that are certified usually post a certification in the window and are fully licensed to accept your pet as a guest. Once you pick your restaurant destination and get seated at a patio table you need to follow good pet guest behavior. Dogs are NOT to eat off of restaurant plates, sit on restaurant chairs and must be by your side at all times. Most of the food any restaurant serves can do harmful or possibly toxic to your dog. You should review a list of dog safe foods. Only a very few of the foods to avoid are anything made from grapes, chocolate, avocado, alcohol, bread, onions, garlic and much more. Usually the safest thing thing to feed your dog is to just pinch off some plain meat for dogs and wipe off any sauces.

October is cooling down but we are still having some hot days. The first week of October started out great but heated up by the weekend so we took the dogs out to a Burger King Drive Threw for a Sausage and Egg Breakfast Croissant Sandwich. For some reason the 15 1/2 year old dog really enjoys them and the younger dog likes them too.

Due to the high temperatures we had to mostly only dine in with dogs.

The 15 1/2 year old loves Chicken that I cook more than anything. Maybe that helps keep him going.


He squeaks right in when I’m trying to cook. He seems to be doing slightly better. He walking slightly better and isn’t falling as often. I put more carpet runners in the house and that helps a lot. One of his doctors figured out that he walked jerky because he was sore from falling. If he was a person he’d be using a walker but he is a dog so he has to just do the best he can. The younger dog gives me my space when I cook.


Thankfully October was much cooler than the last few months but almost all of October we were having record breaking heat of mostly 90 degrees F or higher so October was a wash for dining out with dogs.

We Finally started getting some cooler temperatures in the first week of November so we dined out at……….

"Were're off to Banh Mi Bistro Vietnamese Eatery in Phoenix AZ"

“Were’re off to Banh Mi Bistro Vietnamese Eatery in Phoenix AZ”

Banh Mi Bistro Vietnamese Eatery that doesn’t serve Pho. Their specialty are Banh Mi Sandwiches but they also offer many tasty appetizers, salads and MORE! Today we ordered Banh Mi Sandwiches.

I forgot to photo today’s food but I’ll insert a past picture here of one the Banh Mi Sandwiches we got here. I got the same Banh mi as in this picture. It was a Grilled Chicken Banh Mi. Possibly with xtra chicken for only $1. more. (I plan ahead for the dogs) The Banh mi is very tasty with lightly picked carrots and radish. Thin slices of jalapeño for a little heat.  Fresh cilantro and cucumber brightens it up! House made aioli is a nice touch but it’s really the roll that makes this big sandwich easy to eat. The roll has a crisp exterior and a light soft interior. It’s made with rice flour and seems much lighter and not heavy like a regular roll. The white meat chicken is tasty too.


The dogs are interested in both sandwiches.


One dog was breathing hot air on my leg the whole time.


My husband had the BBQ Pork Banh Mi. It’s one of his favorites and he gets that one often.


“Yum yum De-lish……I’m ready for more!


“I see some chicken that fell out with my name on it!”

For more information on Banh Mi Bistro Vietnamese Eatery in Phoenix AZ please visit BanhMiBistroAZ.com

"We're hitting a new place today called Pita Kitchen in Glendale AZ"

“We’re hitting a new place today called Pita Kitchen in Glendale AZ”

I knew Pita Kitchen had patio seating but wasn’t sure if it was ok to bring the dogs so we asked before we sat down. This time I tried a Salmon Platter that came with rice, hummus, garlic sauce and pita bread.


My husband got another Two Meat Platter of Shawarma and a Chicken Kabob.


His plate came with Greek Salad, Pita Bread, Rice and Cucumber Sauce.

All was tasty!

"It's forking time to slip me some more grub"

“It’s forking time to slip me some more grub”

"Old Man we did GOOD at Pita Kitchen"

“Old Man we did GOOD at Pita Kitchen”

For more information on Pita Kitchen in Glendale AZ please visit www.PitaKitchen.net

"We're on out way to Cucina Tagliani in Glendale AZ"

“We’re on out way to Cucina Tagliani in Glendale AZ”

(dog on left) #WEeeeeeee Tags" (dog on right) "That dog is so forking yappy"

(dog on left) #WEeeeeeee Tags” (dog on right) “That dog is so forking yappy and she hogs up too much of the Forking seat”

Cucina Tagliani offers an official licensed Certified Dog Friendly Patio. They serve American/Italian Foods. All the sauces and dressings are made in house. Portions are large and prices are reasonable.

I ordered the Grilled Chicken Parmesan with Spaghetti Squash instead of Pasta.


Instead I received the Fried and Breaded Chicken Parmesan. When the waitress checked on us I told her I would keep it. The Forking Truth is that the Fried Chicken Parmesan is much more delicious and tasty than the grilled Chicken Parmesan. I just usually get the grilled chicken parmesan because it’s a little healthier. I enjoy sliding the cheese off the chicken to the spaghetti squash to make it tastier. My little buddy in the top picture and lower picture to the left also enjoys the spaghetti squash.


My little buddy to the right just has his mind on my plate minus the spaghetti squash.

My husband got the Spicy Rigatoni with added Meatballs.



Dogs enjoyed the aromas and food.


“It’s a good thing that waitress ordered the Fried Chicken Parmesan and not what my human ordered…I Forking enjoyed it!”

For more information on Cucina Tagliani in Glendale AZ please visit www.CucinaTagliani.com

That was Dining with Dogs in Metro Phoenix October-November 2016.

We’ll see you next month!

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth





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