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My Forking Thoughts on Peanut Brrr-ittle M&M’s


I love normal M&M’s and I used to love Peanut Brittle….I remember back when I was a youngster….The Planter’s Peanut Brittle Bar that used to be on candy shelves….I used to enjoy that……gosh I haven’t come across the Planters Peanut Brittle Bar in decades…..This new flavor of M&M’s seemed like a flavor I would want to try……Maybe it’s a chocolate coved peanut with the peanut incased in brittle with a nice crunch?……… (exquisitely sold at Target Stores). It sounds like it could taste good.

This is what it looks like when I open the zipper topped bag.

Kind of Chistmas-ee with different shape M&M’s just like how peanut M&M’s are.

This is what it looks like when you cut one open.


I take a whiff from the bag.

It smells sort of like a pecan pie…..? (oh nooooooooooooo the pecan pie M&M’s were horrible…)

I try one..

It’s oddly sweet with a weird bitter chemical flavor. It’s like a peanut M&M with something wrong with it.

But the peanut in it is more noticeable …the peanuts might be be bigger and also might be with more texture than from current peanut M&M’s. These peanuts inside seem more fresh. More like a fresh peanut.

Sorry I can’t eat anymore for more description. These taste tainted to me. It’s like they took really nice fresh peanut M&M’s and inserted the weird Pecan Pie Flavor into the M&M’s that’s been lying around getting old in the factory for a year or two…… I don’t know but that is what it seems like to me.

I would never purchase these again.

I’ll throw them out…they suck! Not worth the calories.



I note that you might feel different about these Brrr-Ittle M&M’s.

I note that everything is subject to change and your Forking Experience may differ.

The Forking Truth


azcentral Food & Wine Experience Day 2 November 5th 2017


The azcentral Food & Wine experience is a two day event. This year it took place November 4th & 5th at Salt River Fields. It was a showcase of mostly local restaurants, libations and demos. The featured special guest was Martha Steward who was there on Saturday.

Overall I DID ENJOY MYSELF but I feel this festival has taken a few steps back from the last two years as I do have a few legitimate gripes.

Several restaurants promised were not there. These are the restaurants I don’t recall coming across either day….

Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlor, Tapatio Cliffs, Little Miss BBQ, Nico Heirloom Kitchen, Orange Sky at Talking Stick, The Larder + The Delta, The Second Story Liquor Bar, Virtu Honest Craft, Zuzu at Valley Ho. I was expecting to come across these restaurants and since I didn’t I am disappointed. (Sadly El Panzon y Frida suddenly closed for business so I understand why they weren’t there)

I am also upset because I paid for VIP so I could drink better wine and use the VIP restrooms.

The wines offered this year seemed like much lower quality to the VIPS. I tried three wines Saturday that made me gag that I had to dump. I know last year they offered good well made wines like Hartford and Freemark Abby.

Freemark Abby Wine provided by AJ’s…Possibly the best wine you could drink at the festival 2016

Yesterday the VIP restrooms were crowded to they sent me off to the regular restrooms even though I was a VIP. TODAY ON SUNDAY the VIP restrooms were locked at least till 1:30.

So I felt cheated between the inferior wine selection and the VIP restrooms I didn’t get to use.

My last gripe is that the discussion panels didn’t seem as star studded as they have been the last two years….I really enjoyed last year discussion panel and the first years discussion panel.

2015 Star studded panel

Photo of discussion panel 2016 star studded panel


Maybe 2017 was just an off year….I don’t know…..

All my complaints are out now so off we go to the food.

Mostly everything I tried was either good or great! The food on Sunday in comparison to Saturday seemed to offer more upscale choices. Here are not all but some of the offerings I came across.

Among my favorite plates at the festival were the Halibut Ceviche and the Cornish Hen Mousse from Quiessence at The Farm at South Mountain. I didn’t think I’d like Cornish Hen Mousse because it seems weird to me….but the flavors were outstanding. I have to give it a big thumbs up.

J&G Steakhouse also was among my favorites. They lightened up a steak in a different and delicious way. They used butternut squash and flavors and textures of orange. It was amazing. I wonder if this is ever on the menu?

From Gallo Blanco and Otro Cafe Pozole

Gnocchi in Lamb Sauce from Rancho Pinot

We both thought the the vegetarian Potatoes Bravas and Shrooms and Grits from Artisan at the Camby Hotel were very tasty.

My husband said this Pork Belly Taco from Crujiente Tacos was good!

From one of the most UNUSUAL CASUAL restaurants in Phoenix……Chino Bandito offered Red Jade Chicken, Jerk Fried Rice and Vegan Cuban Black Beans and Snickerdoodle Cookies. It was pretty tasty….

We tried several different treats from Sweet Republic. The macaron filled with orange basil sorbet was my FAVORITE!

Mariposa Latin Restaurant served a tasty quinoa salad and a very tasty chicken laced soup.

Braised Lamb and Lentils from Talavera

Another among the favorites was this short rib stuffed ravioli with horse radish cream. It was from Hearth 61 at Mountain Shadows

Mamma Toledo’s The Pie Hole served Blueberry Hand Pies

Pigs Ears from Citizen Public House and a very unique unusual Ceviche from the Gladly.

Gnocchi in Veal Sauce from an Italian Restaurant I think from Bella Gusto……

Gadzooks award wining Chicken Taco! Spicier today than last time. Still delicious!

Different Point of View did these very detailed Pork and Cheese Ravioli.

Our Own Iron Chef Tarbel’s served Octopus Tostadas.

Buffalo Brisket, a tiny Detailed Cheesecake and a Fruit Beverage came from Kai at Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass

Beef Carpaccio from Cartwright’s

Kobe Burger from Aj’s Fine Foods

Well that was day 2 of the azcentral Food & Wine experience of 2017.

The Forking Truth

azcentral Food & Wine experience (day 1) Saturday Nov. 4th 2017


The azcentral Food & Wine experience is a two day event food & libation festival. Around 50 different Arizona Restaurants and many wines, beers and spirits are there for sampling. The headlining attraction was Martha Steward and cooking demos.

We were finally at about an average temperature for November and were at around 80 degrees with ZERO chance of rain. Guess what… rained for a short time and then it poured but only for a short time.

My Forking Gripes……

For the most part most of the food I tried was good. I was very disappointed with the wines I tried. Even the VIP ticket didn’t bring on as fine wine as we had in years past. After trying three wines that sucked I didn’t want anymore wine. The VIP bathrooms were really great last year and it seemed they used a different company and the bathrooms were air-conditioned but not much different than porta potties. Another gripe were the stemless wine glasses they used this year. Stemless glasses are for swirling at a table and are not good to be carried around for long periods of time. My wine sling doesn’t work with a stemless glass and it was difficult to carry a glass and get food.

Now I’m over most of the gripes and now I am on the food.

Well lets see some of what I saw and some of what I tasted.

There was a nice little layered dessert and octopus by Match Cuisine and Cocktails. (I thought this was from Match Cuisine….but in the newspaper it reads that this was from The Boulders????) I didn’t take notes so my bad if I am wrong.

Mowry and Cotton at the Phoenician offered  Lamb Tacos and fancy Charred Tuna.

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila…..FLOOR!

The Crepe Bar didn’t serve crepes….?…..They served a Liver Mousse with Buttery Fancy Radishes……

This Pasta and Cheese was from AJ’s. Is a very impressive display. They used what is maybe a hallowed out $1,000 dollar wheel of cheese to serve pasta in. But plain pasta with just cheese is very boring even if it is expensive delicious cheese.

More libations.

This I didn’t try but it was maybe the most unusual offering at the festival. A push pop with duck liver mousse, apple, dates, pistachio, some sort of gel and apple sorbet. It came from PY Steakhouse.

A very tasty Steak with tabasco onions from Bourbon & Bones Chophouse & Bar

AJ’s Pork Tacos

Handlebar Diner offered Duck Tamales

Chef Christopher Collins really brought it on with Wally’s Fried Chicken Sandwich, Grassroots Short Rib over super SPICY HOT Jalapeño Cheese Grits, Twisted Grove Shrimp Salad and Sweet Provisions Lemon Tart and his Super Magic Bar…..WOW what a spread he brought. I think half the food I ate came from here and it all was great!

The Market by Jennifer made a really nice little spread too! Really good Potato Chips with Pimento Dip, Korean Style Beef, Yummy Little Chicken Drums and Milk & Cookies.

Some of Aj’s Fine food offerings……This might have been in the VIP tent. Maybe I’ll ask if they will sell me some finger limes…..None of the AJ’s near me carry them….. 🙁

It was really hot and crowded in the AJ’s VIP tent…..hope my deodorant didn’t fail.

AJ’s offered a fancy couscous salad that was made with this bottle oil, vinegar, lemon and herb dressing. It actually was amazing. The salad and the dressing were really surprisingly good.

AJ’s offered Butternut Squash Risotto that came from a box. It was horrible.  AJ’s also offered    another appetizer……It looked pretty but I got a raw crisp slice of sweet potato with some toppings. These were the only things I tried that were Forking Awful…..both not edible…YUCK!

But then AJ’s had a killer cheese table….so MANY HIGH END cheeses…….so I guess they redeemed themselves after the previously mentioned dishes.

That was Day One of the azcentral Food & Wine experience 2017.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

The Forking Truth

2017 Halloween Candy Count


How much candy will I use in 2017?

2014 I gave out 92 full sized candies

2015 I gave out 121 full sized candies

2016 I gave out 124 full sized candies

I have found children today don’t enjoy the candy and treats I used to enjoy. I used to give out M&M’s, Reeses’s Cups, Peppermint Patties, Snickers Bars and more healthy Cracker Jack Popcorn treats…I’ve found todays kids mostly just prefer plain Hershey Bars or Sugary Pixi Stix.

This year I’m offering

Pixy Stix (big favorite for Halloween last year kids cried when I ran out)

Hershey Bars

A few Seaweeds and one can of sardines (just for fun)

I have enough treats for 161 kids!

This year I had close to 130 Halloween Trick or Treaters. (I gave out 130 treats I know a few took two). I was surprised that I saw many more Baby Trick or Treaters than ever before. Got a lot of older kids too. I don’t recall seeing any home made outfits this year. I saw many Army Guys and many of the girls were little Princesses. Maybe the most interesting Trick or Treater was a little boy dressed as a jar of Peanut Butter or the little boy as a big sumo wrestler?

In 2017 I gave out-

66 Pixi Stixs (Giant Straws of flavored sugar)

61 Hershey Bars

3 Packs of Seaweed


Sadly this is the first Halloween without my Halloween Best Friend.

He used to enjoy giving out the candy with me every year but since moving to Arizona I stopped dressing him up because it’s too hot to dress up a dog here.

We have other Furbabys and they are special too but different….

“I don’t do Halloween and I FORKING HATE KIDS! I can scare everyone the Fork away! “Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!”

“Halloween ….?” “WTFork is Halloween?” “I’m only one year old and I don’t Forking know what Halloween is?” “And WTFork is this thing on my head?”  “I am small but I have a deep loud BAY that I do and I sound like a very large dog…..I just very excited and make lot of noise when people pass by.” “I hear I have potential to celebrate Halloween……maybe next year?”

“I was Forking perfect!” “Maybe I attended Halloween in Spirit!”

That was 2017 Halloween with a 130 count on Candy.

The Forking Truth

Halloween SPECIAL EDITION – Frightful Horrifying Food Served to me in Metro Phoenix AZ


The Forking Truth is not every dining experience will be a great one. I am pleased to say most experiences are ok and many exceeded expectations. But some are downright Frightful! Here is THE FORKING TRUTH…… a collection of the most terrible food that was served to me in Metro Phoenix in the past few years.

I do note that it’s not my intention to bring  negative attention about restaurants that are still open for business. I can only reveal the names of the businesses that are closed. The restaurant business is a very difficult business to be in. For that reason there will be no name mention of restaurants that are still open for business because everything is subject to change. At least I hope so….


This polenta tower came from a well known restaurant in the Biltmore Area of Phoenix. It looks absurd and was the worst polenta I ever had in my life. I do know the Chef has been replaced since.

Taco Haus Scottsdale AZ (wow that was really bad) Closed for business

The worst taco I ever had in my life came from Taco Haus (long closed for business) The tortilla fell apart and the chicken was the most driest most flavorless chicken I ever tasted anywhere. I’m still choking when I think about it.

Seared Tuna Nicoise ($16.) from The Local, PHX AZ

This didn’t’ taste awful….This plate came from The Local (closed for business) The food was very good but overly sparse…………

$16.00 for a lunch platter that doesn’t even meet HALF of Weight Watcher Standards. I was FORKING STAVING after this lunch. WTFork was I suppose to buy two lunches? WTFork was that chef thinking ……..It’s not even enough food to feed a gerbil…. and where the Fork was the other half of egg?……I could have used it.

Glendale AZ

Sushi that isn’t fresh is always horrifying…….Still open today in Glendale.

I went to an interesting restaurant that is now closed for business called Indy Fusion. It really wasn’t a bad restaurant at all but whoever the chef was didn’t write the menu I’m sure. He had zero understanding of what a Fondant is. Indy Fusion had a Fondant on the menu for dessert. Instead of a molten chocolate cake that’s known as a Fondant I received a lump of Fondant frosting on a plate. Instead of Indy Fusion I received Indy confusion.

Fondant from Indy Fusion

I went to a certain Asian Restaurant with a Bakery in either Glendale or Phoenix. My meal was good but the dessert was inedible. It was hard like a rock. We couldn’t cut threw it. It could not be penetrated by a Fork. My husband felt the need to bust it apart with his hands.

This restaurant is located in the far west valley. I came across a few problems with the food and I tried a dessert here hoping for redemption. Instead of redemption it turned out to be a nail in the coffin as I pulled out a silicone-like object from my mouth. The waiter acted like nothing was wrong with that and he told me that it was part of the gelatin in the dessert.

Everything I tried at this restaurant in Surprise Az had problems. I actually informed the waiter and management about the multiple short comings I experienced at this restaurant. They didn’t say they were sorry or anything like that….They said they were newly opened and that is just how it was….SURPRISE!

These falafels did have a nice crunchy texture but were dry and lacked typical falafel flavors. But  a few food critics have raved about this place. Maybe this place in Glendale improved since my visit?

Old re-heated over cooked fish is never good. This came from a beautiful resort in Scottsdale. The fish came to me slightly warmed up and sat on top of a salad that was missing most of the ingredients the menu listed.

Over Cooked and over salted fish was served to me from one of the finest restaurants in Phoenix.

Over Cooked and Over Salted Phoenix AZ

Tried a personal size Chicago Style Pizza from some place on the west side and it was re-heated and not fresh made and came with a burnt crust and so much cheese I felt sick.

The fish wasn’t so great and the Couscous tasted like salt….Just another bad dinner out! Somewhere in Peoria.

Had a chicken sandwich somewhere in Scottsdale. The bun was hard like a rock. The chicken slightly burnt with a weird snappy texture. The sandwich also had a canned green chile pepper that tasted like the tin can it came from….not to mention the horrible potato salad it came with….All the potatoes were over cooked and I basically got a dish with mashed potatoes, some chopped egg and mayonnaise.

A grilled chicken sandwich from somewhere in Scottsdale AZ and the potato salad is pictured below.

Went to a Mexican Restaurant in North Phoenix. Got served the most tasteless, uninspired taco salad I ever had anywhere on warm iceberg lettuce. The chips and salsas were also the worst I ever tasted anywhere.

$13.99 Salad from a Mexican Restaurant in Phoenix AZ

Went to a place in Scottsdale and was served Old Tasting Fish topped with Salty Sour Tomato paste, Lousy sides of corn that looks like vomit and gooey pierogis.

We were driving back from Vegas a while back and stopped in Sun City for a bite. Should have kept going…..Mediocre fish, less than mediocre warmed up frozen vegetables and the most disgusting mashed potatoes I’ve ever seen in my Forking life. “I asked the waiter why are the potatoes were greenish?” He said, “The Chef said that black pepper makes the potatoes green.”

– Sun City

I seriously think food this bad is a violation and they should have their food license pulled.

Well that was a little stroll by not all but some of the most Frightful Food served to me in Metro Phoenix. I hope I didn’t frighten you too much!

And this is my rating to these places.


Most food experiences in Metro Phoenix are better.

This was a Halloween Special Edition of The Most Frightening Horrifying Foods that were Served to Me in Metro Phoenix in the past few years.

Remember that everything is subject to change and your experience may or may NOT Differ.

Good Luck and Happy Halloween!

The Forking Truth


Enchanted Pumpkin Garden in Carefree Arizona 2017


The third annual Enchanted Pumpkin Garden is taking place in beautiful Carefree AZ October 20th – 29th. This is a FREE no cost family friendly and even dog friendly event. Pumpkin Artist Ray Villafane is the genius behind the whimsical creations. If his name rings a bell that might be because you caught him on Food Network’s Halloween Wars where competitors compete in teams that transform food and pumpkins into amazing Halloween Themed Creations. Here is some of what I saw this year.



That was some of the pumpkins from the 3rd annual Enchanted Pumpkin Garden.

The Forking Truth

Alice’s Cooperstown Phoenix AZ Restaurant Now Closed for Business


from Cooperstown website before it was taken down today

I was saddened to hear today that Cooperstown has just closed for business. Cooperstown was kind of a novelty restaurant that was co-owned by the legionary Rocker and local Alice Cooper. Inside Cooperstown was a small gift shop and the decor was a mix of rock and sports memorabilia and TVs. Your server wore Alice Cooper like make up and outside was a stage where local bands preformed. The food wasn’t fancy. It was mostly typical bar food. I took a few photos off the website before it was taken down.

Photo from Cooperstown Website

When I was there I remember it looked like half the people dining at Cooperstown ordered the 22 inch long hot dog. It might have been the popular item at Cooperstown. Here is some more of the menu.

According to the menu the No More Mr Nice Guy Chipotle Chicken Pasta was Award Wining.

From Cooperstown website

I clicked a link for shopping or something like that and it took me to eBay and this is what I found today.


Hopefully the Cooperstown Gift Certificates Auction was cancelled.

No More Mr Nice Guy……….Cooperstown is now closed for business.

The Forking Truth

My wristband and the guitar pick I caught at a Alice Cooper Concert.

My Visit to the 2017 Arizona Taco Festival


The 2017 Arizona Taco Festival took place at Salt Rivers Field in Scottsdale Oct 14 & 15 this year. They used a cashless system via a wristband that you exchange for your ticket that you load money on to for your tacos,  bottled waters and Margaritas.  Tequilas were a separate package or wristband.

Other activities offered were-

Lucha Libre Wresting (oh in 100 degree heat)


Live Music


Photo Booths

Hot Chile Pepper Eating Contest

Taco Eating Contest

Chihuahua Beauty Pageant (I hope this was cancelled because it is too hot for dogs to be out in this kind of 100 degree F heat) (I don’t know if people were responsible owners and hopefully left their Chihuahuas home)

“I’m 37% Chihuahua according to my DNA. I could have entered in the pageant. I don’t care if I would have won or not. I just wanted to get my teeth into some Forking tacos”

The Taco Festival also offered-

Margarita Mixology Expo

Kid’s Zone

A special guest…The Most Interesting Man in the World Guy Version #1 that’s retired. (Person pictured below Johnathon Goldsmith )

Getting in seemed to move slowly. When we finally got to the person that gives out the money wristband he needed assistance with the transaction.

Tickets were $12.00 to get in and than there was $3.70 processing charge just to get in. Most of the tacos were $2.00 but one booth was selling special tacos that were $4.00. Water was sort of expensive because the bottles were a small size and were $3.00 and in 100 degree F heat you really needed about two bottles of water. I saw a list of the participants and didn’t know that you have to click each one to see if they are participating the day you are attending. I was a little bummed because I wanted to try tacos from T-Cooks, Tarbels, Crujiente Tacos and the Wigwam- all that I mentioned were only participating on Sunday.

Well Any Who-

We shared a bunch of tacos…For me it was a pretty good system. I took a bite and sometimes two bites and my husband would finish up the rest. That way I could eat threw as many as possible. Most (but not all) of the tacos were the very small street sized tacos. Some were filled more than others and some but not all were double shelled like tacos are in Mexico.

Of course with around 50 venders offering tacos I really tried only a small percent of what was offered but one that was among my favorites was the Chicken Taco from Gadzooks. The Tacos had all kinds of things listed in the ingredients such as sweet and spicy corn bread that I don’t see but I can tell you that this taco was among the most flavorful that I tried with a nice balance of flavors and acidity.

Our next stop was Superfarm  Supertruck. For some reason I thought the “Cauliflower Maybe” Taco sounded interesting and different. I don’t know if my taco contained cauliflower…I didn’t see any and the cilantro they used was so super strong it was over powering everything in the taco. It was just like taking a big bite of cilantro. I do note that they are well known for making great tacos so this is just a bad batch.

Tried a Chicken Taco at Chico Malo. They had an assortment to sauces to add to your taco. This taco was spicy and the chicken seemed smokey. Different than the other tacos I tried.

We tried a Chicken Taco from the Ranch Market. They offered a variety of tacos and a list of a variety of taco shells. I thought a Red Hatch Pepper Tortilla sounded interesting. The Salsa in this taco was good….but the chicken under developed with flavor.

Maskadores Taco Shop. A pretty decent Chicken Taco.

Decent Fish Taco from Baja Caters. I don’t recall seeing many fish tacos offered. I think I only saw two….

Beef and Chicken Tacos from Two Brothers Tap House. The Beef Taco tasted just like the not the most flavorful pot roast…I think both taco meats just needed to be developed with taco seasonings or maybe something here was just missing?

My husband had this Pork Taco from Tacos Tequila Whiskey. He said it was OK.

The Tacos from Tacos Huicho look pretty authentic. They were good.

To my surprise my husband suggested trying the potato taco from Ajo Al’s. I didn’t expect this taco to be good because my dining experience at the restaurant wasn’t but honestly this was a delicious taco. My husband said it was the best taco at the festival. Somehow they crammed in a lot of flavors into the potato that was delicious. It was a big surprise for sure.

We were very lucky and came early as they opened. Lines moved slow but were bearable to get in. As we left the line was thousands of people long as they were expecting over 30,000 people this weekend. It would have been fun to stay longer and take part in the activities but as the day worn on it was pretty uncomfortable without shade.

This is a very small shot of the line. The line went all the way around. It must have been at least ten times longer. I can’t imagine waiting in this line with the hot sun beating down and the 100 degree heat.

Leaving wasn’t fun. There was a lack of signs and a lack of workers that could guild you out of the parking lot this year. We actually asked one of the lot workers on how to exit. He said he didn’t know. Then the next one we came across just tried to get us to park again. We figured it out ourselves.

That was my visit to the 2017 Arizona Taco Festival. I heard tail from others that entered after I left that have a very different story to tell but I can only tell my story and this was it.

Everything is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ.

The Forking Truth


My Forking Thoughts on “Tastes of the World” at Coca Cola Las Vegas NV


Coca Cola World is located on the Strip in Las Vegas and besides of offering all kinds of collectables they also can sell you  an international tasting of 16 Coca Cola Products from around the World!

Here we go Tray #1. I didn’t take any notes…….but I do remember what I liked and what I didn’t.

Tray 1

My taste will differ from yours but the only sodas I could drink were

#5 Aquarius Libre from Spain. It was citrusy tasting and refreshing.

#6 Fanta Melon Frosty from Thailand. It tasted like a Honeydew Melon.

#7 Smart Watermelon from China. It tasted like watery watermelon juice.

#8 Fanta Pineapple from Greece. It tasted like Lifesaver Pineapple Candy.

Tray 2


I don’t want to spoil this for you but I found tray two mostly inedible. The only beverage that was somewhat edible was the #5 Sunfill Mint from Djibouti. The beverage tasted like minty mouth wash to me. The other flavors were hard to stomach………

But one soda the #7 Beverly from Italy…………………………made my throat lock up……….it was not digestible………… and I had to spit it out.


It was like driving and hitting the biggest deepest pothole you ever hit.

It was a Tidal Wave of unbelievable bitterness. I think this liquid could be me vomit.

Beverly truly was so shocking it was polarizing.

I screamed after it was in my mouth. I remember it had the most horrifying stomach turning bitterness to it. My husband thought I must be exaggerating so he tried it and said you are right that is horrible. The worst….I gotta buy one for my dad. (who is from Italy)

The Forking Truth is Coca Cola Beverly Soda from Italy is one of the least favorite things I ever tried to swallow.

It sort of was fun to taste International Flavors of the World….But I would have skipped over Beverly if I knew what it tasted like.

I note everything is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ.

I also found out that Beverly is no longer sold and only made for Coca Cola Tastings at Coca Cola Worlds.

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth is that Every Forking Dining Experience is Subject to Change



It’s very painful for me to tell the story about a recent dining experience at a Modern European Restaurant in Scottsdale since I had prior experiences here that were excellent at this place. I purposely have not used the name of this restaurant in my review because I don’t want to bring negative attention to them but I do want to tell The Forking Truth………because that’s how I roll………I do really hope that what I experienced was temporary…….. This is a stunningly beautiful restaurant with a glamorous artsy atmosphere of crystal, cozy sofas and beautiful wood work. It has a unique stunning atmosphere indoors or out.


I thought this would be an idea place to dine out with my In-Laws for my Mother In-Laws’ Birthday.

I’ve been here a few times before and we have enjoyed.

House salmon over potato cakes.

Pastrami Hash

Dessert Pierogis

Oxtail Stew

Ruskie Pierogis


Everything pictured above was Amazing and Delicious!

The Pierogis were so incredible last time that I suggested that we start off with a plate of them to share. Last time they were well prepared, spectacular with all kinds of complexity, a delicious sherry wine glaze, caramelized onions, melted leeks and tasty mushrooms with  carefully made pierogi containing a careful combination of farmers cheese and potatoes. These pierogis really knocked my socks off. At the time I thought they were the best I ever had.

This time I received something different.

These Pierogis were made with very GOOEY DOUGH and lacked the sherry wine glaze and many of the flavors they had last time. We all tried them and ate them not because they were good but because I couldn’t believe how strange they were…….I did inform the waiter they were different from last time.  🙁 I thought at the time it was best to just move on…hoping that this wasn’t a precursor of things to come. But I also did get a sudden urge to leave that I ignored.

My Mother – In – Law and I both order the BBQ Glazed Salmon. Maybe you don’t want to read the details below. To sum things up this plate was NOT GOOD.

  1. The Fish was old tasting 🙁
  2. BBQ Sauce (LOOK at the BBQ Sauce…does it look like BBQ Sauce?) tasted like raw salty tomato paste with another slightly sour ingredient that highlighted the lack of freshness of the fish. (the sauce made the fish taste even worst)
  3. Potatoes weren’t awful but were rather plain and might have lacked dill and hemp I thought I read on the menu.
  4. Corn splash on left side of plate did taste like corn but also with a raw flour taste.
  5. Corn splash on right of plate just didn’t taste good. (one corn splash was suppose to be Creamed Corn and the other was suppose to be a Corn Nage) 🙁

…this dinner was  🙁      🙁       🙁     🙁       🙁


To tell the whole Forking Truth the other two dinners were ok I was told.

Octopus Dinner

Stuffed Cod Dinner.

The waiter noticed I left a good amount of food on my plate and he asked me if I wanted it wrapped up. At that point I did inform the waiter about the “Off Tasting” “Old Tasting” fish and he said he’d tell the kitchen. I didn’t really expect much but I was surprised that nothing came of this either. But then again I didn’t go into detail with the dish……I thought I’d just sum up the most serious offensive. As offensive as the BBQ sauce was I was able to scrap it off but I couldn’t scrap off the fishy fish taste. The only part of my dish I finished was the small clump of spinach.

After the main courses my In-Laws and Husband all had Gelato.  They complained to me that all the gelato served all was full of ice crystals.  🙁

When I made my reservation I specifically requested a Happy Birthday to my Mother-In-Law and my request was overlooked.  🙁

The Forking Truth is that no matter how beautiful the atmosphere is or how nice the waiter seems……The Food is what matters in the end and in the end I can only remember Gooey Flat tasting Pierogis and Fishy Fish topped with Salty Slightly SourTomato Paste masquerading as BBQ sauce.

I don’t know what happened…….I can only speculate the chef has been replaced with someone far less skilled. (I am just saying the very least)

I can only hope that maybe this restaurant is between Chefs and soon will be Amazing Again.

The Forking Truth is that everything is subject to change and YOUR or MY Dining Experience may or may not differ.

The Forking Truth