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Alice’s Cooperstown Phoenix AZ Restaurant Now Closed for Business


from Cooperstown website before it was taken down today

I was saddened to hear today that Cooperstown has just closed for business. Cooperstown was kind of a novelty restaurant that was co-owned by the legionary Rocker and local Alice Cooper. Inside Cooperstown was a small gift shop and the decor was a mix of rock and sports memorabilia and TVs. Your server wore Alice Cooper like make up and outside was a stage where local bands preformed. The food wasn’t fancy. It was mostly typical bar food. I took a few photos off the website before it was taken down.

Photo from Cooperstown Website

When I was there I remember it looked like half the people dining at Cooperstown ordered the 22 inch long hot dog. It might have been the popular item at Cooperstown. Here is some more of the menu.

According to the menu the No More Mr Nice Guy Chipotle Chicken Pasta was Award Wining.

From Cooperstown website

I clicked a link for shopping or something like that and it took me to eBay and this is what I found today.


Hopefully the Cooperstown Gift Certificates Auction was cancelled.

No More Mr Nice Guy……….Cooperstown is now closed for business.

The Forking Truth

My wristband and the guitar pick I caught at a Alice Cooper Concert.

My Visit to the 2017 Arizona Taco Festival


The 2017 Arizona Taco Festival took place at Salt Rivers Field in Scottsdale Oct 14 & 15 this year. They used a cashless system via a wristband that you exchange for your ticket that you load money on to for your tacos,  bottled waters and Margaritas.  Tequilas were a separate package or wristband.

Other activities offered were-

Lucha Libre Wresting (oh in 100 degree heat)


Live Music


Photo Booths

Hot Chile Pepper Eating Contest

Taco Eating Contest

Chihuahua Beauty Pageant (I hope this was cancelled because it is too hot for dogs to be out in this kind of 100 degree F heat) (I don’t know if people were responsible owners and hopefully left their Chihuahuas home)

“I’m 37% Chihuahua according to my DNA. I could have entered in the pageant. I don’t care if I would have won or not. I just wanted to get my teeth into some Forking tacos”

The Taco Festival also offered-

Margarita Mixology Expo

Kid’s Zone

A special guest…The Most Interesting Man in the World Guy Version #1 that’s retired. (Person pictured below Johnathon Goldsmith )

Getting in seemed to move slowly. When we finally got to the person that gives out the money wristband he needed assistance with the transaction.

Tickets were $12.00 to get in and than there was $3.70 processing charge just to get in. Most of the tacos were $2.00 but one booth was selling special tacos that were $4.00. Water was sort of expensive because the bottles were a small size and were $3.00 and in 100 degree F heat you really needed about two bottles of water. I saw a list of the participants and didn’t know that you have to click each one to see if they are participating the day you are attending. I was a little bummed because I wanted to try tacos from T-Cooks, Tarbels, Crujiente Tacos and the Wigwam- all that I mentioned were only participating on Sunday.

Well Any Who-

We shared a bunch of tacos…For me it was a pretty good system. I took a bite and sometimes two bites and my husband would finish up the rest. That way I could eat threw as many as possible. Most (but not all) of the tacos were the very small street sized tacos. Some were filled more than others and some but not all were double shelled like tacos are in Mexico.

Of course with around 50 venders offering tacos I really tried only a small percent of what was offered but one that was among my favorites was the Chicken Taco from Gadzooks. The Tacos had all kinds of things listed in the ingredients such as sweet and spicy corn bread that I don’t see but I can tell you that this taco was among the most flavorful that I tried with a nice balance of flavors and acidity.

Our next stop was Superfarm  Supertruck. For some reason I thought the “Cauliflower Maybe” Taco sounded interesting and different. I don’t know if my taco contained cauliflower…I didn’t see any and the cilantro they used was so super strong it was over powering everything in the taco. It was just like taking a big bite of cilantro. I do note that they are well known for making great tacos so this is just a bad batch.

Tried a Chicken Taco at Chico Malo. They had an assortment to sauces to add to your taco. This taco was spicy and the chicken seemed smokey. Different than the other tacos I tried.

We tried a Chicken Taco from the Ranch Market. They offered a variety of tacos and a list of a variety of taco shells. I thought a Red Hatch Pepper Tortilla sounded interesting. The Salsa in this taco was good….but the chicken under developed with flavor.

Maskadores Taco Shop. A pretty decent Chicken Taco.

Decent Fish Taco from Baja Caters. I don’t recall seeing many fish tacos offered. I think I only saw two….

Beef and Chicken Tacos from Two Brothers Tap House. The Beef Taco tasted just like the not the most flavorful pot roast…I think both taco meats just needed to be developed with taco seasonings or maybe something here was just missing?

My husband had this Pork Taco from Tacos Tequila Whiskey. He said it was OK.

The Tacos from Tacos Huicho look pretty authentic. They were good.

To my surprise my husband suggested trying the potato taco from Ajo Al’s. I didn’t expect this taco to be good because my dining experience at the restaurant wasn’t but honestly this was a delicious taco. My husband said it was the best taco at the festival. Somehow they crammed in a lot of flavors into the potato that was delicious. It was a big surprise for sure.

We were very lucky and came early as they opened. Lines moved slow but were bearable to get in. As we left the line was thousands of people long as they were expecting over 30,000 people this weekend. It would have been fun to stay longer and take part in the activities but as the day worn on it was pretty uncomfortable without shade.

This is a very small shot of the line. The line went all the way around. It must have been at least ten times longer. I can’t imagine waiting in this line with the hot sun beating down and the 100 degree heat.

Leaving wasn’t fun. There was a lack of signs and a lack of workers that could guild you out of the parking lot this year. We actually asked one of the lot workers on how to exit. He said he didn’t know. Then the next one we came across just tried to get us to park again. We figured it out ourselves.

That was my visit to the 2017 Arizona Taco Festival. I heard tail from others that entered after I left that have a very different story to tell but I can only tell my story and this was it.

Everything is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ.

The Forking Truth


My Forking Thoughts on “Tastes of the World” at Coca Cola Las Vegas NV


Coca Cola World is located on the Strip in Las Vegas and besides of offering all kinds of collectables they also can sell you  an international tasting of 16 Coca Cola Products from around the World!

Here we go Tray #1. I didn’t take any notes…….but I do remember what I liked and what I didn’t.

Tray 1

My taste will differ from yours but the only sodas I could drink were

#5 Aquarius Libre from Spain. It was citrusy tasting and refreshing.

#6 Fanta Melon Frosty from Thailand. It tasted like a Honeydew Melon.

#7 Smart Watermelon from China. It tasted like watery watermelon juice.

#8 Fanta Pineapple from Greece. It tasted like Lifesaver Pineapple Candy.

Tray 2


I don’t want to spoil this for you but I found tray two mostly inedible. The only beverage that was somewhat edible was the #5 Sunfill Mint from Djibouti. The beverage tasted like minty mouth wash to me. The other flavors were hard to stomach………

But one soda the #7 Beverly from Italy…………………………made my throat lock up……….it was not digestible………… and I had to spit it out.


It was like driving and hitting the biggest deepest pothole you ever hit.

It was a Tidal Wave of unbelievable bitterness. I think this liquid could be me vomit.

Beverly truly was so shocking it was polarizing.

I screamed after it was in my mouth. I remember it had the most horrifying stomach turning bitterness to it. My husband thought I must be exaggerating so he tried it and said you are right that is horrible. The worst….I gotta buy one for my dad. (who is from Italy)

The Forking Truth is Coca Cola Beverly Soda from Italy is one of the least favorite things I ever tried to swallow.

It sort of was fun to taste International Flavors of the World….But I would have skipped over Beverly if I knew what it tasted like.

I note everything is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ.

I also found out that Beverly is no longer sold and only made for Coca Cola Tastings at Coca Cola Worlds.

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth is that Every Forking Dining Experience is Subject to Change



It’s very painful for me to tell the story about a recent dining experience at a Modern European Restaurant in Scottsdale since I had prior experiences here that were excellent at this place. I purposely have not used the name of this restaurant in my review because I don’t want to bring negative attention to them but I do want to tell The Forking Truth………because that’s how I roll………I do really hope that what I experienced was temporary…….. This is a stunningly beautiful restaurant with a glamorous artsy atmosphere of crystal, cozy sofas and beautiful wood work. It has a unique stunning atmosphere indoors or out.


I thought this would be an idea place to dine out with my In-Laws for my Mother In-Laws’ Birthday.

I’ve been here a few times before and we have enjoyed.

House salmon over potato cakes.

Pastrami Hash

Dessert Pierogis

Oxtail Stew

Ruskie Pierogis


Everything pictured above was Amazing and Delicious!

The Pierogis were so incredible last time that I suggested that we start off with a plate of them to share. Last time they were well prepared, spectacular with all kinds of complexity, a delicious sherry wine glaze, caramelized onions, melted leeks and tasty mushrooms with  carefully made pierogi containing a careful combination of farmers cheese and potatoes. These pierogis really knocked my socks off. At the time I thought they were the best I ever had.

This time I received something different.

These Pierogis were made with very GOOEY DOUGH and lacked the sherry wine glaze and many of the flavors they had last time. We all tried them and ate them not because they were good but because I couldn’t believe how strange they were…….I did inform the waiter they were different from last time.  🙁 I thought at the time it was best to just move on…hoping that this wasn’t a precursor of things to come. But I also did get a sudden urge to leave that I ignored.

My Mother – In – Law and I both order the BBQ Glazed Salmon. Maybe you don’t want to read the details below. To sum things up this plate was NOT GOOD.

  1. The Fish was old tasting 🙁
  2. BBQ Sauce (LOOK at the BBQ Sauce…does it look like BBQ Sauce?) tasted like raw salty tomato paste with another slightly sour ingredient that highlighted the lack of freshness of the fish. (the sauce made the fish taste even worst)
  3. Potatoes weren’t awful but were rather plain and might have lacked dill and hemp I thought I read on the menu.
  4. Corn splash on left side of plate did taste like corn but also with a raw flour taste.
  5. Corn splash on right of plate just didn’t taste good. (one corn splash was suppose to be Creamed Corn and the other was suppose to be a Corn Nage) 🙁

…this dinner was  🙁      🙁       🙁     🙁       🙁


To tell the whole Forking Truth the other two dinners were ok I was told.

Octopus Dinner

Stuffed Cod Dinner.

The waiter noticed I left a good amount of food on my plate and he asked me if I wanted it wrapped up. At that point I did inform the waiter about the “Off Tasting” “Old Tasting” fish and he said he’d tell the kitchen. I didn’t really expect much but I was surprised that nothing came of this either. But then again I didn’t go into detail with the dish……I thought I’d just sum up the most serious offensive. As offensive as the BBQ sauce was I was able to scrap it off but I couldn’t scrap off the fishy fish taste. The only part of my dish I finished was the small clump of spinach.

After the main courses my In-Laws and Husband all had Gelato.  They complained to me that all the gelato served all was full of ice crystals.  🙁

When I made my reservation I specifically requested a Happy Birthday to my Mother-In-Law and my request was overlooked.  🙁

The Forking Truth is that no matter how beautiful the atmosphere is or how nice the waiter seems……The Food is what matters in the end and in the end I can only remember Gooey Flat tasting Pierogis and Fishy Fish topped with Salty Slightly SourTomato Paste masquerading as BBQ sauce.

I don’t know what happened…….I can only speculate the chef has been replaced with someone far less skilled. (I am just saying the very least)

I can only hope that maybe this restaurant is between Chefs and soon will be Amazing Again.

The Forking Truth is that everything is subject to change and YOUR or MY Dining Experience may or may not differ.

The Forking Truth

Sin City’s Sweet Side – Some of the Desserts on the Las Vegas Strip


I was in Las Vegas only a few short weeks back. I do have a few more stories to tell and I thought after the worst mass shooting in US History maybe a “sweet story” would be a welcome today.

Las Vegas also known as Sin City offers many temptations.

One of the most famous desserts is Emeril’s Banana Cream Pie that’s offered at multiple Emeril Laggassi Restaurants on the Strip. Somehow this dessert is always perfection. Even people that don’t like bananas love this cake. This dessert is layers of moist delicious tasting cake with layers of these really perfect tasting bananas. The bananas taste better than normal bananas. There are tons of bananas in the cake with just enough cream and sauce and really rich chocolate flakes. This is a must do in Vegas.

Table Ten Las Vegas

If you are up for a some really fine dining and have dinner at L’atelier de Joel Robuchon you MUST ORDER the Les Tartes.

I just have to call this one Little Slices of Heaven. The variety of tarts varies but each little slice is stellar. You just might hear angels singing.

Pinkbox Doughnuts are voted best doughnuts in Vegas. Here we tried Key Lime and Chocolate Dipped.

It was on my list to find the Milk Bar in the Cosmopolitan and try the famous Milk Quake. It’s ice-cream mixed with a cookie or cake. We ordered the Strawberry Corn Flavor.

Sorry neither of us liked this one. Maybe it wasn’t made correctly? Ours was very sour like yogurt and didn’t taste like strawberry. The Corn bread Cookie also was savory. We tossed this one out after a a couple taste. Well on the positive side this dessert was the lowest in calories.

Greek Walnut Cake with Greek Ice Cream who knew! Served at Milos

Maybe you’ve seen Celebrity Baker Buddy Valasco on TV also known as the Cake Boss. Here’s his Las Vegas Location of Carlo’s Bakery. We tried an Italian Lobster Roll. WOW it had crispy texture like raw thin noodles and was filled with hazelnut cream.

If you dine at Lago in the Bellagio you MUST get dessert.

This is what they served me.

It’s a work of art. It’s absolutely stunning. You must order dessert at Lago. You must go to Lago.

I haven’t found any dessert shop that compares to Jean Philippe with one location in the Bellagio and a nother location in the Cosmopolitan. It’s Willy Wonka to the max. They also sell chocolates, gelato, sorbet and pre made sandwiches to take out.

The artistry is amazing. I try a few every time I come here and everything is the best! (sadly the ones I purchased to take back melted so I couldn’t photo but I assure you the Lemon Desserts and Chocolate Cupcake are both amazing.

I also love the fancy chocolate art they always do here. Here are life size polar bears in chocolate.

On the right side is the biggest Chocolate Fountain…in America…maybe the World!


And that was just some of the Sweet Side of Sin City.

P.S. don’t even worry about the calories because you know what they say……

The Forking Truth

Where the Fork I Went…… Fall Arizona Restaurant Week 2017 #EATARW



The Forking Truth

Fall Restaurant Week ran from September 15th-24th in 2017. There were over 160 restaurants participating. Most were offering three course meals at either $33.00 or $44.00. Some were offering couple packages for either the $33.00 or $44.00 and a few other special deals going on. This really is a time to discover a new restaurant that you haven’t been to. I’ve been to Match Cuisine and Cocktails at the Boutique Found:re Hotel before but yet again they have a new chef and new menu. So I felt the restaurant was new again. The Executive Chef is the FAMOUS Alex Stratta…….AKA Top Chef Masters, Iron Chef, James Beard Award Winning Chef, Personal Chef to Jesus Chef ( I made that one up). He’s very well known and has impressive Chef History and training. For restaurant week The menu sounds amazing so here I am again at Match Cuisine and Cocktails at the Found:re.

You step into the lobby and this some of what you will see.

It is so cool looking here.

Our First Courses were Tabbouleh with Citrus Marinated Ahi and Lobster with Spinach Agnolotti.

The Tabbouleh was Non-Traditional and was served over a passionfruit vinaigrette. It not their fault but the strongest onions I ever tasted in my life were used here. My husband said the lobster was cooked nicely and the Agnolotti were good.

Dinner was Halibut with Vegetables in a Parsley Sauce and Short Rib with Shallot and Potato Gnocchi.

Halibut was Textbook Perfect with a perfect sear and the flesh was moist and flaky. The Parsley sauce was a little flat…maybe the container needed a stir? The Short Rib was tender and flavorful. Gnocchi were tender but not gummy.

There weren’t any strong flavors in any of the above dishes (expect for the onions) For the most part everything was pretty mellow.

Dessert was a little bit of Tapioca Pudding with a little chopped fruit, topped with toasted coconut. Restaurant Week Priced at $33.00 (2017)

That was Match Cuisine and Cocktails at Found:re

Another Night I re-Visited Christopher’s and Crush Lounge in Phoenix. I know I’m suppose to go to a new place but Christopher’s knocked it out of the park last year and I enjoyed a few dinners there since so we couldn’t resist. This restaurant is a little different than most. The Chef Christopher is an actual James Beard Award Wining Chef that owns and actually works in his restaurant. He personally greats everyone and ask how things were while he is working on the line.

Christopher’s and Crush Lounge Phoenix AZ

They started us off with the amazing in-house made French Baguette and French Butter…Ummmmmm

First Courses were Herb Ravioli and Scallops and Tart of House Smoked Salmon. Words aren’t needed for any of the dishes…Here you just eat because everything (so far…every time I’ve been here) has been absolutely perfect and delicious.

Dinners were Buttery Sole Meuniere and Duck Confit Cassoulet.

Then we shared a delightful an Artisan Cheese Course. (Husband’s dessert pick)

Lastly we shared Chef Christopher’s REALLY Incredible dessert!

Parnassienne of Chocolate. It’s the most beautiful Mousse Tower I’ve ever seen and an amazing treat!

Then they sent us home with a whole baguette.

We always have a splendid dinner at Christopher’s and Crush Lounge. Restaurant Week Priced was $44.00 with optional wine pairing.

That was Fall Arizona Restaurant Week for me 2017.

Everything is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ.

The Forking Truth



Where the Fork I Ate in Las Vegas


Vegas is a place like no other. It’s sort of like Disney Land but Micky had some botox and Dumbo ain’t so dumb and sells souvenirs for more than peanuts.

You can land the finest in clothes and jewelry.

You can stay in the highest end hotels.

Everywhere you go it’s a show.

You can find and see all kinds of things that’s only in Vegas. HONEST to GOD…We were in an elevator with an Elvis impersonator who was disabled and on a scooter. (dressed as an older Elvis in the white jeweled jump suit) He was drunk with a large can of beer that he accidentally spilled in the elevator.

There’s booze, gambling, prostitution, weed, a mob museum.

For about a week every year Las Vegas gets spaced out with the Star Trek Convention.

Vegas is a busy crowed place filled with people from all over the world.

Vegas can be insincere and is artificial.

BUT The FOOD is mostly so GOOD! Not just good. If you hit the right spots FORKING GREAT!

Over the next week or so I will be writing about the places I ate at while in Las Vegas.

Here is a sneak peak of what’s to come.

Just a taste!

Table Ten Las Vegas

In The Venetian

In the Venetian

Don’t worry about the calories. Everything stays in Vegas.

The Forking Truth



My Forking Thoughts on Hershey’s NY Cherry Cheesecake Bar


Hershey’s is one of the largest manufacturers of chocolate in North America. They’ve been manufacturing affordable chocolate since 1894. People of a certain age might remember the jingle from TV commercials that went……”Hershey’s the Great American Chocolate Bar”……..Until now I haven’t come across much in the way of unusual or weird flavored food in the Hershey’s Brand until now. Here is Flavor of New York Cherry Cheesecake bar embedded with crispy cookies. New York is famous for many foods but one of the New York Specialties is considered to be Cheesecake.

I open up the bar.

It doesn’t smell appetizing.

It smells like a combination of cough syrup laced with something I remember from my childhood…… Mom’s cedar Closet with moth balls. (I don’t think people have cedar closets or use moth balls anymore)

It also doesn’t look appetizing.

Looks like a skin disease …….. maybe… chicken pox.

I bravely taste a pip.

It’s very sweet like canned frosting.

It doesn’t taste natural at all… It really doesn’t taste like any kind of food.

It taste like how it smells……Very Sweet…..main flavor is cough syrup…..laced with cedar closet moth balls.

feeling something gritty…..

Yuk…the lumps taste like crumbs of cough syrup.

My mouth feels very greasy now.


I don’t think any person in the whole wide world can enjoy this…….

Poor Milton Hershey would be turning in his grave if he could taste this bar with his name on it.

I have no understanding of how such an awful tasting product could have been manufactured.



My Forking Thoughts on the Hershey’s NY Cherry Cheesecake Bar.

Your taste and experience may or may not differ……(but I FORKING doubt it)

The Forking Truth

The Chicken Fajita Salad Battle Glendale AZ Popo’s VS Phoenix AZ Carlos O’Brien’s Mexican Food


This is a well matched battle. The competitors are two established local Sonoran Style Mexican Restaurants that have two or more locations. For the most part they offer a similar menu. I do note the Carlos O’Brien’s is a new location for the Local small chain but this company has been in business for over 20 years so I feel they are free game to battle. Both competitors are located in North Phoenix or what locals call the Way North.

Ladies and Gentlemen……. In the Phoenix corner is Carlo’s O’Brien’s Mexican Restaurant.

The Set up is-The Fajita Style Chicken Salad- Fajita Style Chicken, salad, cheese, tomatoes, guacamole and sour cream $13.95

The chicken is moist, a little greasy and nicely caramelized. The tomatoes are unripe and the iceberg lettuce is very plain. This is a very plain salad…..very very plain. My guacamole was forgotten but latter arrived. It was a small side of mashed avocados with non-detectible seasoning.


nothing is burnt.

nothing is spoiled.

I didn’t get sick after eating here.

Cons – This salad is very uninspired.

Suggestions –

Alert the public that this salad lacks any seasoning or flavor.

Consider changing the recipe or your order if you are a customer.

and now Ladies and Gentlemen!

In the Glendale corner is Popo’s Fiesta Del Sol.

The set up is – The Chicken Fajita Salad – Fajita Chicken, Garden Salad with the grilled onions, bell peppers, avocado, scallions, tomatoes, cheese, olives served in a flour tortilla bowl. $10.99

Chicken Fajita Salad with Cheese on Side ( and a s/o of guacamole given to me off my husband’s plate.)

The chicken is moist and nicely seasoned. I received lots of fresh avocado, tomatoes, olives, grilled peppers and onions over mixed greens. The salad is flavorful and very hardy.

Pros- The salad taste good.

It’s a salad that I most likely won’t make at home so it’s a treat.

I don’t feel the least bit deprived ordering a salad.

The salad cost about $3.00 less than from the Phoenix competitor.

Con’s- This salad is a gut buster.

It’s impossible to eat the whole thing and leftovers turn to a soggy mess.

The Verdict

Chicken Fajita Salad with Cheese on Side ( and a s/o of guacamole given to me off my husband’s plate.)

Glendale’s Popo’s Fiesta Del Sol Mexican Restaurant – It’s a much better tasting flavorful salad bursting with thoughtful ingredients and priced at about $3.00 less.

I do note that EVERY FORKING THING is subject to change and your experience may or may NOT differ.

The Forking Truth




The Bottega Panini from Bottega Pizzeria and Ristorante Glendale AZ – Worth a Fork


I recently tried a Panini from Bottega Pizzeria Ristorante in Glendale AZ.

This Bottega Panini was unbelievably scrumptious… I felt the need to mention it.

It isn’t a conventional beauty but starts with a unique but delicious flavorful thin bread pocket with a seasoned crust that is a little rich with oil, seasonings and a little hard cheese.

That seasoned bread is just so tasty and different. It hits the top of your mouth then your juices flow and sets the way for things to come. Inside are thin strips of creamy brie cheese, sweet fig jam, melting juicy pear slices and flavorful walnuts with a little welcoming bitter pop. All together this combination is exciting. It’s a perfect marriage of sweet and salty with flavors in-between. The walnuts cut threw the creamy and sweet fig jam….the pears are sweet but act as sandwich filling. You won’t find anything that taste just like this anywhere else. The sandwich so flavorful and not a boring sandwich at all.  The sweetness of the fig jam lacing everything feels kind of naughty….almost dessert like….It’s almost too sweet …but then you have the brie cheese, walnuts and that special seasoned bread pocket that brings on the savory to make it balanced ….. so good!

It’s just a Forking Delicious Sandwich!

Among the tastiest sandwiches I ate all year!

By the way……

Pictured above is only a half sandwich with a side salad off the lunch menu. A better value would have been to order the whole sandwich because the whole sandwich is only 1-2 dollars more and came with the same salad. I would not have been able to eat both pieces at one time but I would have had another sandwich I could have enjoyed latter.

This is what a whole sandwich platter looks like.

A few other foods we enjoyed at Bottega Pizzeria Ristorante on previous visits were…..

Certified DOP Margherita Pizza

Hand made really amazing Trofie al Pesto Pasta

Everything pictured I tried and it was Worth a Fork!

Worth a Fork! Among the best that you can get in Glendale AZ

Everything is subject to change and your experience may…or may not differ.

The Forking Truth