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Chennai Cafe recently opened in Glendale AZ on Bell Rd in the Walmart Shopping Strip by 59th Ave. This is a South Indian Restaurant that offers a Buffet at lunch time and a menu for dinner. I thought for my first visit I’d try the buffet. Service was typical for a buffet. There was no interaction with servers but they did clear plates. They gave us a pitcher of water and pretty metal cups with a tray were already on the table. I don’t think this establishment offers any other beverages but I could be wrong about that. I didn’t see any other beverages in sight and they had an empty Cocoa Cola refrigerator that just looked like it should contain beverages.

Desserts were first on the buffet and they had a lot of them followed by vegetarian soup.

Next was more than ten pans of vegetarian food and the last 5 or 6 pans contained mostly chicken on the bone dishes and one mutton dish.

When i passed the desserts it was difficult to tell what the names of the dishes were because someone wrote with marker on the pans and it sort of steamed off. I tried a good amount of the offerings.

This was the first time I ever saw the Naan Bread on a buffet. Usually they just bring it to you fresh from the kitchen. For being on a buffet the naan bread was still in good shape. Most of the Chicken dishes were moist and flavorful and on the bone. We both favored the vegetarian biryani over the chicken biryani. It had much more flavor. I also tried some eggplant, some okra and a few other things. All good….

Then I tried a sampling of most of the desserts.

I thought the most delicious of the desserts was the Gulab Jamun (the soaked doughnut). That would be the only dessert I would try next time.

When we were finished…….

No-one presented us with a check so we walked up to the register and waited till someone would take payment.

It really is very cool that this New South Indian Restaurant opened in Glendale!

Today it was an amazing value…..for so much tasty food……I don’t like posting prices because I do expect the price to change….but it was only $21.00 for two people. I also am fearful about posting anything about buffets because buffets do tend to differ by the hour.

EVERY FORKING THING is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ.

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2 thoughts on “Newly Opened Chennai Cafe Glendale AZ – South Indian Food

  1. David Bickford

    A family obligation with the in-laws brought us to this part of Glendale today, and, remembering this post, I suggested we try Chennai. We all enjoyed the south Indian buffet. Highlights were the dahl (more flavorful than the typical brown version) and a spicy breaded chicken dish (name forgotten for the moment), as well as the rasam and sambar soups. The dessert selection is the best I’ve seen at any Indian restaurant. As for beverages, I asked for a lassi, the popular Indian yogurt drink. I was told mango lassi was available, but a few minutes after placing my order, our server returned to tell me they were out of lassi, along with the Coke my wife ordered. It seems most clientele here drink water, along with the excellent chai that is offered on a self-service basis next to the desserts. We hope to return sometime in the evening to try the restaurant’s selection of dosas. Thank you for sharing the good news about Chennai Cafe.

    1. Laura A. Post author

      That’s so wonderful to hear that you and yours enjoyed Chennai Cafe as I did. Oh thanks for the heads up on the chai…I didn’t notice that one. I’m also excited to order off the menu too. I get really happy when something good comes to this part of Glendale. Thanks for letting me hear about your experience it’s just great to know!


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