My Trip to PINO Restaurant in Scottsdale AZ


Pino is a casual restaurant that serves Italian Style Wood Fired Pizza, many salads, sandwiches, appetizers, specials, French Foods and entrees. Pino is actually a European Pizza Chain. The Owners are from France and Owned a Pino in France. They moved to Arizona and opened the only Pino in the United States. Nothing about this place seems like a chain at all. The bread is baked in house and some of the pastas are made in house. The patio is very charming. There’s a flower pot on every table and a lot of shrubbery as walls and shade on this patio. It’s like a little piece of France in Scottsdale by the Movie Theater.

On our way in we were welcomed by a gentleman with a French Accent and then we were welcomed by a waiter with a French Accent. We made our orders and the food arrived in reasonable timing.

I had the Lunch Sized Bonita. It was made of crisp romaine, avocado and few other vegetables. The salmon was prepared reasonably well. Although it was fully cooked the salmon was moist with a crispy skin and nice grill marks.

My husband had the French Dip.

It was thinly sliced Prime Rib with caramelized onion on house made bread with hand cut fries.

I managed to save room to try the Lemon Meringue Pie.

It seemed house made but had a soggy crust and a tough chewy meringue. Maybe it was better when it was fresh made?

That was my visit to Pino.


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