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Grand Blue is a newly opened, casual, full service restaurant with a bar. I found the prices to be  wallet friendly with the highest priced fish platter priced at just $22.00 for King Salmon including TWO generous sides. If you have heard of the local Mediterranean Chain of restaurants called  Pita Jungle then you are are familiar with this restaurant’s ownership.


The mix of modern and classic interior is crisp and clean and allows diners a view into the open kitchen. A fresh seafood bar sits to the side with a chalk board of the offering of fish. On my visit I had my choice of 8 kinds of fish.

I decided to go with a Seafood Platter of Grilled King Salmon with Spicy Tahini sauce and for my two sides I picked Broccolini with Anchovy Sauce and White Bean Cassoulet with Asparagus and Chanterelle Mushrooms.


Salmon is fresh tasting, meaty, flaky and prepared to perfection. The tahini sauce that tops the fish is an interesting accent that pairs very well with salmon. Broccolini is tender crisp and bright green. In a little pot to the side is the Bean Cassoulet with Chanterelle Mushrooms and Asparagus that’s really a meal in itself. You are not going to leave hungry after a fish platter from Grand Blue.

My husband had a Grilled Shrimp Platter with the same Bean Cassoulet and Eggplant Pico.


The Shrimp were tender and moist. They were topped with a non-traditional Chimichurri Sauce that was great tasting but non-traditional. The Cassoulet was mild with flavors so nothing was over-powered. The cold Eggplant Pico was really a spread for the bread. I tasted the eggplant and to me it reminded me of eggplant dip minus the seasonings that turn eggplant into baba ghanosh.

Besides the fish platter you can custom order a fish bowl $12.00. Sushi, Sandwiches and some other items are offered on the menu.

I found service to be efficient and friendly. Our server was able to answer any question we had because she carried cheat sheets listing all the ingredients of every item on the menu.

The food was good and also was a very good value. In this part of town similar King Salmon Seafood Platters would run about $30.00  that was only $22.00 at Grand Blue. The Shrimp platter was only $15.00.

Grand Blue Seafood Restaurant in Scottsdale AZ is really too new to rate but seems to be  Worth a Fork!

Fresh Tasting Seafood, Lots of Healthy Style Vegetable Options, Generous Portions, Great Value, Clean Airy Atmosphere with good service.

Worth a Fork!

Worth a Fork!

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I note that anything is subject to change and it’s always a possibility that your experience may or may not differ.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth


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