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My Forking Thoughts on Limited Edition Strawberry Nut M&M’s


I came across these Limited Edition Strawberry Nut M&M’s at Walgreens Drug Store so I picked them up. They came in a share size package that weighs 3.27 oz or two (or more) servings.

The first thing I do is open the pack and take a whiff. It smells delicious! Just like chocolate covered strawberries.

Then I take some M&M’s out. They come in colors of Pink Eraser, Blood and VW Green. They are irregular in assorted shapes and some have a a bonus extra nut in them.

I go to taste one. It’s different than the normal candy shell. It taste flavored like a sweet tart. It’s a slightly tart but sweet fake strawberry flavor. After the shell is melted off I think it’s a regular chocolate covered peanut. When you just eat them you get a slightly different experience. The fake slightly tart strawberry flavor is more subtle but you get hit with more fake aftertaste.

I’m not a fan of the sweet tart taste so I’m not a fan of these M&M’s.

Your Opinion May Differ.

The Forking Truth

My Forking Thoughts on New Caramel M&M’s Candy


There is a new flavor of M&M’s out there and it’s Caramel.  I’ve found the package in the share size that is 2 or more servings.

I start by opening the package and taking a whiff. It smells just like a typical chocolate candy bar that contains caramel.

I open the bag and I see that the M&M’s are irregular in shape and size. They come in the normal M&M’s colors of Yellow, Orange, Red, Brown, Green and Blue.

I bit into one M&M. It’s very chewy. The M&M has lots of chewy caramel in it.

The Caramel taste similar to the caramel in Twix Candy Bars but I don’t recall that caramel this chewy.

It’s a good taste but a little too chewy for me.

New Caramel M&M’s…not bad! Taste good but too chewy for me but worth a Fork if you like very chewy caramel.

The Forking Truth is that your opinion may differ.

The Forking Truth

Kettle Brand Korean Barbeque Potato Chips are Worth a Fork


When I see a fun flavor of Potato Chips sometimes I feel I have to try them to see if they meet my expectations. I saw these Korean Barbecue (spelled Barbeque) Chips. It seemed like a flavor I had to try.

I start by opening the bag and I get a whiff of soy sauce.

The chips are on the small side but have more texture than most other chips with bubbles fried in the surface of the chips and seasoning is visible.

I taste one.

I get lots of flavors.

I get sweet, soy sauce, garlic, onion, maybe sesame? something a little spicy…but not too spicy, some sort of Asian Vinegar kind of taste and a ginger finish.

These chips are very addictive and it’s hard to stop eating them.

These Kettle Brand Korean Barbeque Chips are delicious and are Worth a Fork! (Unless it’s preferable to purchase chips that don’t taste good so you eat less)

Worth a Fork!

The Forking Truth

My Forking Thoughts on Lay’s Garden Tomato and Asiago Potato Chips


I saw the new Lay’s Kettle Cooked Garden Tomato and Asiago Flavored Chips and thought the flavor seems appealing so I thought I’d give these a try.

I do note that these new edition potato chips run much more expensive than a regular large bag of Lay’s Potato Chips. This is a smaller bag and it cost $4.29 (8 1/2 oz) and a regular bag of Lay’s cost around $3.50 for 14 3/4  ounces.

I open the bag and it does smell like Italian Cheese possibly of an Asiago Variety.

I notice the chips seem to be on the smaller side and not all but most of them are folded and the chips are flecked with what looks like seasoning.

I taste one chip. It has a very sharp crisp crunch and does have some potato flavor. The dominate flavor I taste is sort of buttery asiago cheese followed by a little Italian Seasoning. It sort of taste like a frozen pizza.

I eat more and I sort of forget about the Italian Seasoning and I get more sort of buttery asiago kind of taste.

I hardly get any fresh tomato taste…it sort of blurs with the Italian seasoning.

My rating due to my taste….

1/2 a Fork….OK at best…and not the worst.

I have to give Lay’s credit for improving the taste of a Kettle Chip. Other Kettle Chips I’ve taste usually lack potato flavor and these Kettle Chips actually contain potato flavor. For me the asiago taste is believable but I’m not sure why they made it buttery.

I would be more excited about the chips if the Garden Tomato taste was more part of the equation to this flavor formula.

You taste and opinion may differ from mine.

The Forking Truth

Forking Delicious Potato Chips – Terra Brand Adirondack Reds


I never come across the Adirondack Red Potato. The Adirondack Red Potato is Ruby Red inside and out. I read that they are usually only found at Farmer’s Markets or sold by purveyors of specialty produce. These Potato Chips were only sold at Whole Foods Market for around $4.00 a bag……..well…..until I found them at the .99cent store for 99 cents a bag. They don’t even expire for 6 months!

I open the bag and it smells very much just like potatoes.

I do notice that the chips are on the small side. Perhaps Adirondack Red Potatoes are small?

They taste earthier and more potato like than any other potato chip I ever tasted. They also have a nice light texture.

They don’t leave grease on my hand or in my mouth like most chips and the sea salt on them is just right….Not too much and not too little.

They are Forking Delicious Good. One of the best (or best) potato chips I have ever eaten.

Manufactured and Distributed by Hain Celestial Group Inc.


Worth a Fork!

Of Course your Forking Opinion may differ.

The Forking Truth


Ori di Langa Truffle Chips – Worth a Fork – Most Truffle Flavor


I’m a sucker for Truffle and when I came across this bag of Italian Made Potato Chips at my local Home Goods Store I picked the bag up and toke a look at the ingredients.

The Ingredients read-

potatoes, sunflower seed oil, olive oil, freeze dried summer truffle (tuber aestivum vitt) ) 0.33%, (like 1.50% fresh truffle) salt and flavor (possibly it might mean that “flavor” might be chemicals…..not sure but that’s what I think) I open the bag and see I have very few chips to try in the 3.53 ounce bag. But hey this bag only coast me $2.99 so I thought it was worth it.

I take a whiff……it’s intoxicating……it smells very much like truffles……and I brace myself because most bags that smell like truffles don’t taste like truffles.

I take some chips out.

Some of the chips are very large and very thick for potato chips and are sort of  plank like. If you look close you can see some black specks on the potato chips that might be truffle. The chips  are sort of tender crisp….like a compressed kind of crisp….. and do have a slight taste like truffle. I don’t get that lovely lasting kind of real truffle taste but I do get a mild truffle taste however the potato chips also have very little potato flavor….I think sunflower oil and salt are the other flavors of the chips.

A few days latter when I finished the chips I noticed that the bag still smells very much like truffle….I can’t help but wonder if the bag was sprayed with something..? Don’t know.

These Ori di Langa Truffle Potato Chips have the most Truffle Flavor I’ve ever tasted in a potato chip. (so far)

The Forking Truth

My Forking Thoughts on Vanilla Cupcake M&M’s


Vanilla Cupcake M&M’s recently came out and are sold exclusively at Target Stores with the Easter Candy.

They have the usual candy shell and the center is white chocolate. They are in nursery colors of yellow, pink, pale purple and turquoise. Size-wise the candies are on the bigger plump side for M&M’s.

I open the bag and take a whiff. It smells sort of like candy corn and sort of buttery and sort of like stale frosting. I know nobody can relate with old frosting but I once was a professional cake decorator and I still remember what old frosting smells like.

I eat my first Vanilla Cupcake M&M. I think it’s very similar in taste to an actual Vanilla Cupcake. It taste just like vanilla cake mix and frosting. I do like it at first. It’s sweet like frosting and taste like buttery cake. I also like that it isn’t waxy like some of the white M&M’s have been in the past.

I eat a few more and things start to change.

I get some sort of flavor build up or chemical after taste that isn’t right.

It’s not licorice but something like licorice and rum after taste. More faint licorice than rum. It doesn’t taste like Vanilla Cupcake after a several candies.

I don’t like them anymore.

For me………The rating is…….

1/2 a Fork….OK at best…good for up to 3 pieces then pass the bag over to someone else.

The Forking Truth is that your opinion may or may not differ…..

The Forking Truth



My review on White Cheesecake M&M’s – Worth a Fork!


A new flavor of M&M’s is out there now at your local Walmart Store called White Cheesecake. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like them because when I opened the bag and took a sniff I got an aroma of sweet puppy feet. Yes, just like dog feet in frosting.

I took a look at the candies. I notice that the candies are irregular in shape and size. The colors are a pink similar to bubble gum, white and porcelain flesh like of a fancy doll.

I ate them one at a time normal. then I let one dissolve in my mouth, and then I ate three at a time normal so I got to taste them three different ways.

These White Cheesecake M&M’s are best one at a time dissolving them in your mouth and then you taste the flavors best. First the candy shell melts in your mouth and then you actually do taste cheesecake. For me the cheesecake flavor does fade fast and I am left with a vanilla custard ice cream taste that I do like because it taste like ice-cream…… But we aren’t finished yet……A fun graham cracker crust taste happens at the end.

The White Cheesecake M&M’s faired least well when I ate them three at a time. They seemed less layered in taste but it was the finish of graham cracker that didn’t taste as well with three candies in my mouth leaving a slightly bitter or chemical finish that I didn’t notice with one candy in my mouth.

Well any who…these White Cheesecake M&M’s seem to be Worth a Fork to Me!

Worth a Fork!

Your opinion may or may not differ…..

The Forking Truth

New Reese’s Peanut butter Cups Stuffed with Reese’s Pieces are Worth a Fork



I am a big fan of Reese’s Peanut butter filled cups. I’d be an even BIGGER fan if I ate Reese’s every time I wanted one…Haha…..My husband found this new variety and brought home a pack for me figuring I’d want to try this new variety. Each of these New Reese’s packs contains two Peanut butter filled  cups stuffed with Reese’s pieces. Package reads Stuffed Wich Pieces.

Pictured on the package it looks like M&M-like Reese’s Pieces are stuffed into the cup. I busted open the package and broke off a piece for my husband to try even though he is in the 1% of the population that doesn’t go for a Reese’s ever.

The candy smells appetizing just as Reese’s Cups always do.


I look inside the cup and it appears that I only have a few small Pieces of Reese’s Pieces…? Not full Reese’s Pieces like in the Picture on the Package….Slightly bummed because I was expecting to taste a full size Reese’s Piece candy…. A few pieces of sugar shell are embedded in the peanut butter filling. I think the filling might be very slightly smoother but it’s so minor it’s hard to tell. This cup is still delicious and to anyone who already enjoys Reese’s Cups you will still enjoy these New Cups because they are nearly the same.

Next I take another bite.


I hit a few more crumbs of Reese’s Pieces embedded in the peanut butter filling.

Later I go for the second cup.


This one is nearly free of Reese’s Pieces.


Well maybe it’s for the better that the Reese’s Cups are nearly what they are suppose to be with only a few crumbs, fragments or a dusting of Reese’s Pieces. They are really delicious…I forgot how delicious they really are since I try to stay away from them. The satisfying Milk Chocolate has the perfect sweet and melting in my mouth texture. The peanut butter is salty and grainy in a good way. The Chocolate and Peanut butter is just delicious together. *****Insert angels singing here******

I note I don’t know how they came up with the idea to stuff the Reese’s Cup with fragments of Reese’s pieces but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Reese’s Pieces are just Crumbs and Fragments from  manufacturing that they can sell to us now hidden on Reese’s Cups.

Well any who The Reese’s Cup Stuffed with Reese’s Pieces are Worth a Fork!

Worth a Fork!

Worth a Fork!

Anyone who is already a fan of Reese’s Cups will enjoy them.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth


white BOO-tterscotch M&M’s are Shockingly Good and are Worth a Fork


A new limited Edition Flavor of M&M’s Candy is available at Target Stores. They call this new flavor BOO-tterscotch. It’s a mix of white chocolate and butterscotch.

If your under a certain age and are not from Philadelphia chances are you don’t really know what butterscotch is suppose to taste like. You just never see anything Butterscotch anywhere.

Butterscotch is very similar to caramel…….

Caramel is made from white sugar milk or cream and sometimes butter and gets cooked till it’s slightly burnt.

Butterscotch is made from brown sugar and butter, sometimes cream and only gets cooked to the soft ball stage and it’s sweeter and doesn’t have that burnt taste.

If you are from Philadelphia you might have grown up with this popular Philadelphia PA Treat called Butterscotch Krimpets made by TastyKake.


The Butterscotch Krimpet is spongecake topped with a sweet butterscotch frosting. People of all ages liked this in Philadelphia.

The only other thing I can think of that’s Butterscotch are those hard awful cheap candies that nobody likes.  Somehow I remember those candies….I don’t recall where I tasted them………….school?………candy from my mom’s purse?……….My grandma’s candy dish?

Pardon for the flashback……and back to M&M’s.

When you open the bag it actually smells kind of like butterscotch…..the sweet kind like a TastyKake (not an old lady hard candy).

The Candies are coated with hard sugar shells typical of M&M’s but in old fashioned refrigerator colors of Harvest gold, 70s Dark Espresso Brown and Kitchen Ivory White. I think that colors of  Burnt Orange and Avocado Green ……would work well here.

Usually the white chocolate M&M’s should be avoided. They often are very waxy, greasy and lack a smooth texture and a natural flavor.It seems that M&M’s has fixed the problem of the cheap white chocolate taste and feel because these M&M’s seem almost buttery and do melt in your mouth and don’t seem waxy. They actually taste like Butterscotch mixed with Quality full fat buttery White Chocolate with some sort of lacing of a liquor taste….maybe it’s a touch of something like rum or whiskey…?….I think it’s something like rum because that little taste reminds me of eggnog…… Anyway these M&M’s actually taste good! 🙂

A Winner!

White Boo-terscotch M&M’s are Shockingly Good and Worth a Fork!

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth