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NEW Weird DifFerent Special & Limited Edition Foods out There November 2017


There is ALWAYS something new, weird, different and special or limited edition out there in the wonderful world of food. I never know what I’ll come across when I go to a store. This month I came across mostly sweet things. Here is a bag of Sweet Maple Pancake Pop-corn. Did you ever guess you’d see Sweet maple Pancake Pop-corn anywhere….I know I didn’t.

Here’s Birthday Cake Pop-corn. Now this one makes more sense to me and might be a festive treat at a party.

This one is very strange and weird to me. They took almonds and coated them with something that is suppose to taste like strawberry cheesecake. I think someone was on something funny to come up with this combination…….

Sriracha Oil…?

I reckon sour cream can’t be plain anymore either. Here are sour creams in Cilantro Lime, Spicy Jalapeño and Chipotle. I don’t know about you but I prefer my sour cream to taste like sour cream. maybe these flavored sour creams are good for making dressings or an ingredient for to flavor potato salad.

Hershey’s Cherry Cheesecake Chocolate Bar…UUUUUMMMMMM? I tried this one…..WOW it tasted just like cough syrup……

Strawberry KitKat filled wafer bars……..KitKat comes up with new flavors and makes Foreign Flavors in Asia like Green Tea. I think I’ll try this one because I like strawberry.

Apple Crisp Wafer Cookies with real apple…might be tasty?

Krispy Kreme is famous for their sweet doughnuts. Well here is their cake mix….guess if you make doughnuts you can pump out a cake?

The Cheesecake Factory is well known for Cheesecakes. They got the idea to put out cupcake mix now….?

Limited Edition Artificially Flavored Apple Pie Oreos with Graham flavored cookies. Sounds good but the filling is always waxy and the flavor always taste fake. I never liked Forking Oreos.

Limited Edition Waffles & Syrup Oreos….Artificially Flavored Waffles and Syrup….blech! Sounds sweet and gross to me…….

Look at the picture on the package.

Is it my imagination or does the cream filling look like an egg?

Well that was the New, Weird, Different, Limited and Special Edition Foods out there for November 2017.

Who knows WTFork I’ll come across next month?

The Forking Truth

The FORKING Weirdest Radish I’ve ever Forking Seen WTF is That?


Look at these things!

Don’t they forking look like female bottoms?

They are Forking Radishes!

Here’s some forking things I read about radishes………..

Did you forking know that radishes are members of the mustard or cabbage family?

It’s said that radishes help with stomach aches and forking hiccups.

On December 23rd in Oaxaca Mexico is “The Night of the RADISH.” Displays of the Nativity are done in forking radishes.

In Beatrix Potter’s Book Peter Rabbit ate a radish.

Some Radishes grow up to THREE FEET Long and Weigh up to a HUNDRED POUNDS!


I know radishes come in many shapes, colors and sizes but I’ve never seen them looks like forking butts before.

I saw these radishes at the Asian Market. The sign above them young radishes. The forking truth is that they felt squishy and old so I didn’t purchase any.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth




Always More New Different and Forking Weird Food Out There November 2015


There is always something New, Different or Forking Weird in Food Out There. I never know what I will see. Who’d ever think up Swedish Fish Flavored Gum? Must be someone on drugs…How about forking Twinkie flavored gum?…… Oreo flavored gum?…… Pop Tart flavored gum?


I can see some people enjoying natural fennel gum but isn’t Licorice a different but similar flavor to fennel?


No Frills Dills should NOT cost a forking &7.99 a bottle…..isn’t $7.99 a forking splurge for a jar of pickles? They should be called, “Splurge Pickles.”


Cereal made with BEANS is forking weird.


I thought this was food but it was forking wasabi toothpaste. It is weird too.


WTFork is this? Ca Cat Mien san …..Cat Chow Mein? meow Me OWWWWWW!


Bean curd sausage?


Romulan Ale is forking cool….YES…Forking COOL!


Vegetable Candy is forking weird but it might grow on you?


Campbell’s Soup Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrgh!


I read that tree cucumber is really from a certain kind of magnolia tree.


Multi Grain Peanut Butter Cheerios is new to me.


Dr Pepper Dessert Topper????? I think I prefer topless ice cream to that one.


Quinoa in your chocolate might be forking better than bats in your belfry.


Green Bean Jelly Ice Milk Bars won’t go over well with everyone.


Cookie Flavored liquids to add to your coffee. Just throw in Real forking cookies in your coffee if that’s the fork you want! Didn’t you ever forking hear of biscotti?


Ummmm egg nog…….. that flavor has forking possibilities.


Jackfruit Ice cream? On the side of the package it says, “Great Taste” Ummmm don’t know?


I love peanut butter but the thought of drinking it hot makes me want to forking gag.



If you look real REAL Close you can read this no Not Nut Butter Spread is made from yellow peas. How the FORK do you think this will go over with most people?




I never know WTFork I’ll see next!

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

Always MORE New Forking Weird and Different Food Out There Fall 2015


There is always new, forking weird and different food out there. They must make a new flavor of Oreos every week because every forking week there is a new flavor on the shelf. What flavor is Halloween? Bone flavored? Ghost flavored. Bat dropping flavored? What forking flavor is Halloween any who? Who? Who?


These cup cake toppers are kind of cute. I’d totally purchase these for kids


Cool possibly old recycled forking candy corn on hostess cup cakes.


Three flavors of Peeps, pumpkin spice, caramel apple and candy corn.


3MuskeFEARS….HAha…….!              Good One!


Peeps Chocolate Mousse cats…..Should have been Chocolate Mousse Moose…


Mint Chocolate Chip cookies might taste good but these look forking weird.


Miso and easy…sounds like a couple of forking prostitutes.


I can’t imagine watermelon in my yogurt.


I think of rotting leaves when I think of autumn why the fork would I want a cake that taste like rotten leaves.


This cake and frosting are Halloween Flavored. What the fork does that mean? Old Pumpkin? Candy corn? Ghost flavored?


Coffee candy bars….COUCH-E Candy bars….COUCH!


Now we have Chokeberry tea…. doesn’t sound good.


Holy FORK….Atomic Frog Balls! Wonder if these make you croak?

Always something new weird or different out there. I never know what the fork I’ll see next.

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

The Limited Edition Foods and the Forking Weird Food I saw This Week



Thomas (FORKING) Limited Edition Banana Bread English Muffins..? Not sure about these unless you only want butter, cream cheese or peanut butter on them. I think they’d be forking gross as a breakfast sandwich.


Thomas also makes Limited Edition (FORKING) Maple French Toast Bagels. I can see more uses for these but this limited edition thing seems forking funny to me. Limited edition used to mean something you’d collect. Maybe these forking lumps of dough just collect in your stomach.


Forking Limited Edition Birthday Cake Pop-tarts to celebrate over 50 years of Pop-tarts! Maybe a forking Ben-Gay flavored one will be coming out next.


Forking Birthday Cake Flavored M&M’s. These are FORKING GROSS to me! I purchased some last year and tossed them out. Maybe they are forking flavored from thrown out old rained on birthday cakes….you know the cake that Donna Summer sang about way back in 1978.  Might have forking been THAT cake.     “Someone left a cake out in the rain”……


Lay’s Wavy Milk Chocolate Potato Chips are actually good. They’d be forking great with ice-cream. They have a thin crisp center that’s surrounded by melty chocolate that doesn’t seem forking waxy with little crisp chunks of salt to tickle your tongue with this pleasurable fun little crunch. I never seem these before but I noticed my small bag that I got at full price was   FORKING expired. In the upper right hand corner of the forking bag it reads guaranteed Fresh. Well they didn’t spoil yet so they forking win on that one.


St. Paddy’s Day Chocolate Lucky Charms. Nobody makes forking Ground Hog’s day limited edition cereals but I guess St. Paddy’s Day is OK. Guess forking corned beef and cabbage flavored wouldn’t be as forking popular for Lucky Charms.


More St. Paddy’s Day Lucky Charms because original and chocolate forking  flavors is not enough.


I thought the forking weirdest food I saw were these limited edition cranberry and sage Triscuit crackers. I’m guessing they might be forking Thanksgiving leftovers.  They might be good with some forking turkey salad on them?

I don’t forking know what I’ll see next!

Forking Truth

Forking Truth